Fix Game Bar Can’t Record Right Now in Windows 10

Windows 10 Xbox app includes the Game DVR Screen Recorder option in the Game Bar. Users can record any application to video capture your on-screen activities, without needing to get any third-party screen recording software. However, when I try to record games with audio on my Surface Pro tablet, it shows the Can’t record right now, Try again later or There’s nothing to record error message and I could not figure out how to get rid of that. Continue reading

Xbox app cannot sign in and fail in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

I was able to use Xbox app using my account in Windows 10 on Surface Pro 3, but it is fail to sign-ins after installed Anniversary Update on my tablet. It always showed error “We are unable to sign you in at the moment. Try again later” (0×409) message and I could not stream my Xbox One to my PC. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

XBOX Music won’t stream/play with Error 0xc101008e on Windows 8 Pro

When i try to play SmartDJs or other downloaded music o my Windows 8 computer or stream it on my Surface rt/pro device, I get an error message “Couldn’t play because of a network problem, error code 0xc101008e (0x800c0008).” Re-installing the music app from the Windows Store still get the same issues. Now I can not connect to Windows 8 services. Continue reading