How to Enable Pin Code Pairing with wireless display in Windows 10

You can connect your Surface Pro model tablet or Windows 10 computer with HDTV or projector, and stream media files like movie and video onto a larger screen through wireless display adapter. It is easy to do that by tapping or clicking Connect button but is not security and the system may be infected with virus and permission. To resolve the problem, the best choice is to turn on the function to forces the connections to enter a PIN or security key for pairing. Continue reading

Fix Windows 10 stuck at Airplane Mode after anniversary update

After my Surface Pro 3 installed the anniversary update, the system always stucked at Airplane mode permanent and the Wifi toggle switch became greyed out. I resetted the device and that turned my internet connection back on, but then the Airplane Mode stayed there quickly and won’t turn off again. How can I fix the network issue? Continue reading

Default gateway not available in windows 8.1 Wireless problem

The default gateway is the private IP address of your router. I have upgraded my surface pro from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 and just get the problem with internet keeps dropping randomly and the wireless network is limited. I ran the troubleshooter to make a diagnostics and it said “Default gateway is unavailable”. Continue reading

Amped Wireless High Power WiFi Adapter improves Windows 8 wifi performance

My Surface Pro keeps dropping Wifi connection and I have to reconnect it again, but the signal isn’t weak or unstable in my room. I upgraded to powerful router, and moved the tablet near it but nothing worked. My desktop computer also get the same problem via a D-Link wireless USB adapter since installed Windows 8. Other device like android phones and Kindles are fine. Continue reading