Install Windows 8.1 kernel locked entry leaked on thread termination error

My surface tablet is running Windows 8 Pro. After I download the Windows 8.1 updates from Windows Store and then try to install it, a error message saying “kernel locked entry leaked on thread termination” pops up on the “Setting up a few more things” screen. So I have to cancel the installation process and revert to Win 8, but get 0×101-0x4000D issue. How I can get it working? Continue reading

Adobe Photoshop Express for Windows RT/8 free download

As a Flash-based image editing web app, Adobe Photoshop Express has been developered for iPhone and Android OS. Now Adobe has released Photoshop Express for Windows RT and 8, which is available free for downloading from Windows app store. This creative software packages are introduced a redesigned version of Photoshop with new interface. Continue reading

Fix Windows app store not loading in Windows 8 Pro

The Windows app store ia not loading on my Surface Pro Windows 8. When I click on Windows Store app on start screen, the app icon goes with a full white screen, and I get “Windows Store isn’t available. Please try again later.” Sometimes it shows a little loading circle at the top. Now I am not able to download or update apps. Is there a way to get it working again? Continue reading

Best Windows 8 facebook apps for Surface RT/Pro

There is no an official Facebook app for Windows 8. Surface RT and Pro models are lacking of Facebook client by default, and it makes a bit difficult to connect with their friends. However, there are some great apps by third party developers in the store and they are easy to use and have dozens of useful features. Continue reading

Update Apps Failure Error Codes 0×80246007/0×80240002/0x80073cff on Windows 8 pro

I use a Microsoft email account to login to my computer upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8 pro. When I try to update 20 installed apps from store, I get failure error codes 0×80246007, 0×80240002, 0x80073cff messages and the process stucks on 80-95%. My PC doesn’t run 3rd party antivirus software. Try “scf/scannow” command and run the Windows update troubleshooter but not working. Is there a way to fix the problem? Continue reading