Fix Windows 8.1/RT Photos App Live Tile Show Deleted Images

The built-in Photos app is your image collection and allows users to turn live tiles featre to display real-time updates on Start Screen in Windows 8.1/8 and RT. However, if you deleted some pictures from the Pictures library, it can’t reflected to the corresponding tiles immediately so keeps displaying those pictures which had been removed for days. To fix the issues, yo need to rebuild the cache to make a update with the app. Continue reading

Windows 8/RT FLAC Player App for Surface tablet

Windows has been lacking of FLAC support and the software foobar2000, AIMP3, Winamp can do the good job. However, they are only working on Windows 8.1/8 os, and don’t support on ARM process device running Windows RT. If you would like to read FLAC music files on Surface tablet, the FLAC Player application could help you resolve the problem. Continue reading

How to rename computer and change product key in Windows 8.1 via PC Settings

Many people have installed the Windows 8.1 Update 1 on their computers and tablets and there are some new features. In previous operating system version, changing or assigning a name to a computer to join workgroup or domain membership network requires the process via the Control Panel and go to System applet, Advanced System. Continue reading

Ears improves sound up to 10db with Surface RT/Pro speaker

You might be dissatisfied with the decent audio speaker quality of Microsoft Surface RT/2 or Pro/2 and would like to improve its clarity and loudness. For examples, it’s very low while you have setted the device to the max sound level so such problem is complained by many customers. Now a new third-party accessory named “Ears.” brings a wondeful solution to amplifies sound without using any wires, a power source or batteries. Continue reading

Best office & home NAS for Windows 8.1/8

The network attached storage (NAS) device acts as low-powered home and small-office drive. With the equipment, you can easily store and share files from your Surface tablet or Windows 8.1 computer across a network, and use a single or multiple drives for protecting your personal data. Many of them have good capabilities, like data-recovery and backup functions and additional server modes. Continue reading

Windows 8.1 Health Care Apps for Patients and Doctors

A lot of native health apps have been developed for Windows 8.1/8 and RT in Windows Store, and allow users to run them across multiple devices, such as Surface tablets, desktops and laptops. You might want to choose one to do somethings like improve health, change behaviour, monitor drinking, find medications, or get health answers instantly. Continue reading

Download Official Surface RT Recovery Image Windows RT 8.0

Many customers have experiencing blue screen of death 0xC1900101 – 0×40017 error, or completely bricked machines after applying the RT-to-RT 8.1 upgrade on their Surface RT tablets. That inspire a stream of complaints. To fix some update issues, Microsoft has officially released a recovery image for that. Continue reading

Can’t add Exchange account in Outlook 2013 RT problem

I had configured my corporate exchange account in Mail app on my Surface tablet and it worked fine. However, after upgraded to Windows 8.1 RT OS, I find it is no way to add the exchange account in either Outlook 2013 RT nor Exchange 2010 program. Try removing ActiveSync mailbox policies but nothing happens. Continue reading

Fix green youtube screen problem in Windows 8.1/8

Windows 8.1 OS has been installed on my Surface Pro tablet. However, when I open youtube website and try to wacth a clip or movie, I just got the green display instead of videos and nothing appeare from there. Trying from others but not working at all. That also happen with Firefox and chrome which are pre-installed with adobe plugin. How I can resolve the issues? Continue reading

Microsoft Power BI Office 365 for Windows RT/8

In the IT industry Business Intelligence is growing and Microsoft showed off a new cloud-based business intelligence solution called Power BI for Office 365 subscribers. The service works with latest version of Office and Excel and is launched in July for viewing Office 365 reports, particularly from Excel documents, via smartphone and tablet and on the webpage. Continue reading