Setup Windows Hello not function on login after Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

I have done a fresh installation with Fall Creators Update on my Surface Pro 3 tablet. For security reason, I don’t want to type password on the login screen. So I open the Settings app and setup facial recognition for Windows Hello. However, I make a rebooting and get stuck on the welcome screen. The new feature is not working at all. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Windows Hello face recognition not dismiss lock screen in Windows 10

Windows 10 offer a new face scanning security feature named Windows Hello as an alternative way to log into their devices. Users can authenticate secure access the system by facial recognition or a fingerprint. I had already enable and setup it on my Surface Pro 3 tablet normally. However, after installed the Fall Creators Update, the authenticate process reconizes my face fine while doesn’t dismiss the lock screen. To get rif of that temporarily, I have to type in my pin code to unlock. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Windows 10 Pin login not available and cannot change/remove Pin code

I have enabled and setup Windows Hello for my Microsoft Account in Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 4 tablet. After the fall creators updates, the PIN option is not available on the login screen. Every time I have to type password to sign in. Then I access the sign-in page, and there is no way to remove, change or reset Pin code option. I try to Add a PIN and then the setup process window closes. How can I fix the Windows Hello problem? Continue reading

Fix Windows Hello Isn’t Available On This Device on Windows 10 creator update

When I open the Settings app and go to the Sign-in options page, the Windows hello feature is not working and it displays the “Windows Hello isn’t available on this device.” error. Now I am unable to setup Windows Hello as advanced security for logging into system using facial recognition. How can I fix the issue on my Surface Pro 3 with Creator update? Continue reading

Windows Hello Couldn’t turn on camera after Windows 10 Anniversary Update

I have enable and setup the Windows Hello feature on my Surface Pro 4 tablet and it worked fine. After the system is applied the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the Facial Recognition fails at login. When I turn the screen on, the unlock screen shows Getting ready… and then Couldn’t turn on the camera messages. that redirected me to use my PIN for login but the the camera works well with all the other apps and software. Continue reading

How to Enable Dynamic Lock in Windows 10 Creators Update

In previous version, users need to press Win + L keys shortcut to lock their PC at any time, or configure the related setting to do that automatically after a period of idle time. Now the Windows 10 Creators Update comes with the new Dynamic Lock feature which is designed to lock the PC automatically once the system detect you has moved away from the machine by Windows Hello. Instead of logging you in, it offers extra security and is beneficial on PC with sensitive info in enterprise. Continue reading

Fix Windows Hello camera not working after hibernate on Surface Book

With Windows Hello, you are able to use fingerprint or facial recognition to access to your Windows 10 tablet or computer securely and instantly. I have setup the feature on my Surface Book i7 256 and it worked fine. After I manually applied the latest firmware and Anniversary Update, it fixes the problem with sleep states and transitions. However, I noticed that it never actually turned on the camera and the Windows Hello was not working after hibernate. I had to make a fresh power or log in using password or PIN code, then reboot and it should be fine temporarily. Continue reading

Windows hello camera not working with Anniversary update in Windows 10

I had setup the enterprise-grade security Windows Hello facial recognition on my Surface Book running Windows 10 Pro and that worked fine. After the system has applied the Anniversary update, the Windows hello camera does not recognize my Face or Fingerprint and is not working at all. I remove and add it but the system eventually crashes with the error message “windows system thread not handled” and then revertes to the previous version and began the update process again. Continue reading

Use Xbox One Kinect to sign into Windows 10 by your Face

Microsoft has added new biometric authentication named Windows Hello for letting you sign into Windows 10 devices with your face or finger in Windows 10, without having to type a PIN or password to gain access to your own machine. The feature is built into the Surface Pro 4 tablet and the SurfaceBook. If you are also an Xbox One owner, here is the tips for using existing Kinect 2.0 version to sign into system. Continue reading

How to enable and setup Windows Hello to signin Windows 10 by face

Windows 10 operating system becomes more personal and more secure, and comes with lots of new features including the Start menu, Cortana, facial scanner app and etc. Without needing a password or touching a button, the new Windows Hello allows you log into your computer by face, or complete purchases in the app store. It will work on the Surface Pro 3 tablet with external RealSense camera, and you could try the tips to configure it easily. Continue reading