Hide, Disable and Remove File Explorer Ribbon UI in Windows 10

The File Explorer comes with the Ribbon user interface which lays out all the menu items in a nice horizontal view and replaces the classic toolbar UI. Users can easily can make only a clicking or tapping to toggle on and off, but that makes sometime right click to be no longer consistent. If you prefer the good old toolbar and only would like to have a simpile UI in Windows 10, here are some workarounds for removing the new Ribbon interface. Continue reading

Fix Live tiles not working/updating in start menu on Windows 10

When I pinned a websites to the start menu on my SUrface Pro 4 running Windows 10 Pro, they appeared only as a generic blue color with empty content. I noticed the Weather and Mail live tiles stoped working and were also not updating. My screen resolution is 1024 x 768. Running App Troubleshooter and restarting the system didn’t take any effects. Any way to resolve the blank content problem? Continue reading

How to Create/use Storage Spaces to Mirror and Combine Drives in Windows 10/8

Windows 10 and Windows 8 come with a new feature named Storage Spaces which is similar to RAID or LVM on Linux. You are able to combine multiple physical drives into a single virtual drive, or mirror data across multiple drives for redundancy. It is useful for creating a large network drive and organizing all your data. Continue reading

How to disable/remove Media device in This PC on Windows 10/8.1

I have added the Folders of Documents, Pictures, and some of my Media devices from network under This PC (Computer) in navigation pane of File Explorer, and that worked fine. Now I would like to delete the media icons from there and right click them to choose Remove device option, but they keep appearing after restart. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

How to re-order/arrange folders in File Explorer library on Windows 10

The Libraries feature consolidates multiple folders across various locations in a single folder-like view and is disabled in Windows 10 by default. However, you can turn it on by right-clicking the empty space in the left pane of File Explorer and selecting Add Libraries option from the context menu. They are auto arrange in folders and it is easy to change their display order for reorganizing them. Continue reading

You Do Not Have Permissions To Mount And Modify This Image in Windows 10 DIMS

There are two ways to mount an image file and assign a temporary drive letter to it for accessing the data in Windows 10. You can right click the .vim file and select Mount option from context menu, or use the Deployment Image Servicing and Management command to do that through Command Prompt interface. However, for some reason when I tried to run the command with the correct parameters, it displayed the message “Error: 0xc1510111. You do not have permissions to mount and modify this image. Verify that you have Read/Write permissions or mount the image using the /ReadOnly option. Note that you cannot commit changes to an image with read-only permissions.” Continue reading

How to locate/change MAC Address in Windows 10/8.1 on Surface Pro

The MAC Address is hardware address assigned by the manufacturers of network interface cards and are resolved by Address Resolution Protocol. They are six characters separated by six full colons. If you need to setup MAC filtering in router, the first way is to locate the MAC Address of your Surface Pro 4 or other Windows 10 computer as well as change its Media Access Control ID for spoofing due to MAC filter restrictions when you cann’t join in your network. Continue reading

How to connect to VPN network quickly on Windows 10/8.1

I have created a VPN setting with saving username and password in Windows 7 and it is easy to quickly join the connection to diagnose problems or perform software updates on my client machine. Simply click the network icon in the system tray and double click the VPN connection from the lists. However, it becomes the crappy user experience after my tablet has been upgraded to Windows 10 Pro. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading