How to block/unlock Office macros in Windows 10 S on Surface laptop

Windows 10 S, known as the reduced-functionality version of Windows 10. Like iOS and Chrome OS, it limits users to only use apps from Windows store , and that can help administrator to easily manage those devices in educational institutions or other restricted environments. For security reason, the Windows 10 S is set to disable and block macros in all office documents received from other places by default. Continue reading

How to install/uninstall Office Word/Excel apps on Windows 10 S

Microsoft is working on turning the full (Win32) desktop versions of the Office software into Office apps for running on specific devices. You might have got a new Surface laptop running Windows 10 S, and it always takes a straightforward way to get Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, and Publisher. Because you are only allowed to download and update them right from the Windows Store. Continue reading

Download Windows 10 S Recovery Image For Surface Laptop

Microsoft is currently offering the Surface Laptop for purchase in select regions. This is the latest hardware which comes preloaded with Windows 10 S edition. Unlike the regular Home or Pro version, you are not allowed to install apps from outside the Store and also classic desktop programs. Because this product is designed to be more secure and lightweight, while still presents the features such as Azure AD domain join, Windows Update for Business and Shared PC configuration. Continue reading

Windows 10 S laptops recommend for students and teachers

Windows 10 S offers the superior performance and better security for college students, and the budget laptops come from Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, and Samsung. The limited OS will only support Edge and Bing as its web browser and search engine, but turn the device in cheaper price while you can also upgrade the system to Windows 10 Pro with cost. Will those laptops help Microsoft beat the Chromebook? Continue reading

Upgrade Windows 10 S Laptop to Windows 10 Pro/Home

Windows 10 S, previously known as Cloud version, is a Windows Store-only operating system, without Win32-app support, so that should be secured and streamlined. It is designed for the education market, and will be perfectly capable Surface Laptop for schools, while PC makers such as Acer and HP also release their related laptops. You might would like to have a try with the new OS or are wondering how can I upgrade it to Windows 10 Pro. Continue reading