Windows 10 S laptops recommend for students and teachers

Windows 10 S offers the superior performance and better security for college students, and the budget laptops come from Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, and Samsung. The limited OS will only support Edge and Bing as its web browser and search engine, but turn the device in cheaper price while you can also upgrade the system to Windows 10 Pro with cost. Will those laptops help Microsoft beat the Chromebook? Continue reading

Upgrade Windows 10 S Laptop to Windows 10 Pro/Home

Windows 10 S, previously known as Cloud version, is a Windows Store-only operating system, without Win32-app support, so that should be secured and streamlined. It is designed for the education market, and will be perfectly capable Surface Laptop for schools, while PC makers such as Acer and HP also release their related laptops. You might would like to have a try with the new OS or are wondering how can I upgrade it to Windows 10 Pro. Continue reading