Windows 10 Check Disk at startup after creators update

My Windows 10 laptop with only SSD has been installed the creators update successfully. However, every time I turn it on and login to system, the Check Disk Utility will be performed at startup automatically, or a message saying “To stop chkdsk, press any key within 8 seconds” pops up. I have never scheduled its run and could not figure out how to resolve the problem. Continue reading

Windows Spotlight option missing from Windows 10 lock screen on Creators Update

The Windows Spotlight feature not only show you beautiful images from Bing on your Lock screen, but also pictures of Windows devices with certain apps. I have clean installed the Creators Update on my tablet running Windows 10 Education successfully. However, when I open the Settings app and go to the Lockscreen, the Spotlight option is missing in the drop-down menu, while the slider to show tips and content by Cortana is grayed out and set to OFF. A message “Some settings are hidden or managed by your organization” is displayed at the top. Everything worked fine before upgraded. How can I fix the issue? Continue reading

How to disable Tile Data model server in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with the new start menu with live title supported. I have pinned many apps in it, but I don’t want to have those LIVE TILES. Because the system always become slow and even keeps crashing. If I move a program shortcut to my User Folder, the process take 2 minutes to finish. I open the task manager and notice that the Tiledatamodelsvc under Appmodel process uses about 20% cpu. I could not turn it off by powershell to minimize resources. Continue reading

Fix No Network Usage showing in Windows 10 Task Manager

I have updated Motherboard driver on my Desktop computer running Windows 10 Education x64 successfully. The Network Manager has already added into Ethernet Adapter driver. When I download game installation file from internet and open Task Manager to see network usage, there is no network activity and it just shows 0 Mbps usage with all apps under the Process tab. Then I connect to WiFi network and get the same problem. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Cannot mount ISO files in an NTFS volume on Windows 10

Windows 10/8 is the ability to mount ISO image without using any third party application. I have get an ISO disc image file about 20 GB in size in my downloads folder, but couldn’t mount it to the default iso drive. It just pops up the error message “>Make sure that the file is in an ntfs volume and isn’t in a compressed folder or volume.” Others on my external hard drive are also refused to Mount. If I right click on it and select Open with Windows Explorer and still get the same error. Everything worked fine before and the file is really located is NTFS. Continue reading

Prevent creation of System Volume Information folder on USB in Windows 10 Creators Update

I have a external hard drive with 1TB capacity and NTFS format. I connected it with my Surface Pro 3 tablet via USB 3.0 and used it for backups files. However, the Windows 10 system created the System Volume information folder like $SysReset and MSOCache and that took around 124GB of space. I deleted those transferred folders but they repeated after I plugged in again and removed the USB. So I configured GPEDIT to get rid of that and it worked fine. Continue reading

Press key screensaver not terminate after Windows 10 Creator Update

I had already set the screensaver to display photos on my Surface Pro 4 and it worked perfectly. After installed the Windows 10 Creator’s Update, I could not move mouse around or press a key from keyboard to terminate the running screensaver feature. To get it going away, I have to hit Alt-Ctrl-Delete keys and click on Cancel button. It occurs for both Local accounts and Microsoft account. Any way to close the screensaver on my tablet? Continue reading

Disable hibernation and FastStartup in Windows 10 to dual boot with Ubuntu

I have re-partitioned the disk on my Windows 10 tablet and installed Ubuntu successfully. However, after I restart the system, the dual boot options are missing and I have to boot to Windows again. I use the Boot-repair method and it doesn’t works all the time. It seems that the hibernation and fastboot features cause the problem and they are enabled by default. Continue reading

How to Disable startup Delay time in Windows 10 with SSD

Many start up programs always cause slow boot times in Windows 10 or 8 OS, and you could use CCleaner or WinPatrol freeware to remove unwanted items. Another useful way is to configure the delay the running of such programs and let them run after the lapse of a particular period of time. It is useful and working perfect on a hard disk drive (HDD). However, if your device is using a fast SSD, it’s not necessary to worry about that because most modern SSD have rocket-like Performance. So you’d better disable the feature. Continue reading

Problem How to Disable set tabs aside in Edge on Windows 10 Creator update

Windows 10 Creator’s update brings new features and the “Set these tabs aside” capability to Microsoft Edge. When you are browsing your favorite sites and have too many open tabs, you can easily set all of them aside to group together and access individually later. It works after you close the Edge or restart the system. I have upgraded my Surface Pro 4 tablet to the version 1703. The function really helps declutter, but also actually creates the problem for me. Continue reading