Windows 10 loses Ethernet internet connection after sleep mode

My Windows 10 laptop worked fine to get internet network through an Intel(R) Ethernet(2) I219-LM cable until applied the updates. Now when I put the system into sleep mode and then wake it up, the wired network ends up at 10Mbps and is not reconnecting at all. To get rid of that temporarily, I have to make a rebooting but the same problem appears minutes later. The Network Adapter troubleshooter reports “Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration” message. Continue reading

Windows 10 Calendar App not show all events problem

I had setup the live mail calendar software to view my Google Calendar in Windows 7 computer. After upgraded to Windows 10 Pro, all the events are transferred to the built-in calendar app automatically. Recently I schedules eight events to a particular date, but the app only displays a maximum of 3 events and others disappear. To see the 4th event, I have to delete the previous one. Continue reading

Fix There are no more Bitlocker recovery options on your PC with Windows 10 recovery

I had installed the Windows 10 preview on my Surface Pro 3 tablet a month again. Now I run into the recovery problem, due to the expired version. When I boot, plug the USB flash drive store my BitLocker recovery key into the tablet, try to restore defaults, the screen starts with the red color background and then stuck at the Recovery message “There are no more Bitlocker recovery options on your PC, You will need to use recovery tools. If you don’t have any installation media (like a disc or USB device), contact your PC administrator or PC/Device manufacturer.” Continue reading

Fix Windows 10 search not index the Google Drive files

I have setup and synced files on my Surface Pro 4 with Google Drive and Google Photos and the process runs smothly. However, When I type something in Cortana search box, the search function works in home directories, except the google drive folder on C:\. I have already turned on indexing with that folder. I search the file within File Explorer and get the same result. The issue only happens after install the Windows 10 Creators Update. How can I fix it on my tablet? Continue reading

Fix OneDrive Setup process use high cpu usage in Windows 10

My Surface Pro tablet has became very slow after installed the 1703 Creators Update in Windows 10 64bit. I open the Task Manager and notice that the Microsoft OneDrive Setup process constantly use about 30% of CPU and make system.exe Memory usage to high heaven. The system also notifies that OneDrive couldn’t install an update. I run the OneDrive Troubleshooter to check and reset OneDrive but it seems doesn’t take effect. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Cannot access hard drive properties for this item are not available in windows 10

After I upgraded my computer from Win7 to Windows 10 Pro, I am unable to access any of my hard drive properties. When I right click on any file, folder folder or local drive and select Properties from menu, the system hangs and pops up “The properties for this item are not available” error message while the active folder windows close. But the problem doesn’t appear in safe mode and I use Clean Boot State to login and nothing is working. Continue reading

Windows 10 Libraries folder missing in save as Navigation pane

I have got problem in Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 4 tablet. When I right click an image on a webpage and use “Save As” option on Edge browser, the pop-up explorer window doesn’t show the “Libraries” folder in the navigation pane, such as Documents, Music. I have to go inside a folder which is included in my pictures library to do that. It also happens with save office word/excel file and I need to go to This PC > MyData > Documents. How can I restore the Libraries folder to the topmost position in the list? Continue reading

Windows 10 Mobile Hotspot connections Obtaining IP Address problem

I would like to use my Surface Pro 4 tablet as a mobile hot-spot. After I turn on mobile hotspot in Network & Internet page of the Settings app, other devices like my Android phone doesn’t connect to it and the connection just stuck at “Obtaining IP address” message. The device can not assign a static IP addresses and I am not sure if it is caused by DHCP in Windows 10 Pro. Continue reading

Fix CompatTelRunner.exe high CPU & disk usage in WIndows 10/8

The Windows 10 slows down and always becomes unusable on my Surface Pro 3 tablet. Through the Task Manager, the Windows Compatability Telemetry (CompatTelRunner.exe) takes extremely high CPU and disk usage at 100% level. Thousands of disk reads and 3000 page are faulted by I/O other. That also happens on my Windows 8 computer. How can I fix the large performance issues? Continue reading