Cannot enable Beam Broadcasting in Windows 10 Gamebar on Creators Update

The Xbox app is built-in app in Windows 10 and you could open it through user-friendly Game bar to record and broadcast game clips or take screenshots, then share them on social media channels. Beam live stream Broadcasting is integrated with the the Creators Update. However, you might get the gaming problem, such as the Broadcasting to Beam is not working at all on your Surface Pro tablet or Windows 10 computer. Continue reading

Fix Windows 10 Action Center Blank/Transparent problem in Creators Update

I have installed the Windows 10 Creators Update on my Surface Pro 4 tablet successfully and everything seems to be normal. However, when I tap on the icon in the extreme right corner of taskbar to open the Action Center, it becomes blank and transparent without color. There is not any notifications and Quick Actions while I have enabled the related option in the Settings app and I could not figure out how to resolve the problem. Continue reading

Fix Windows store sign-in option not working and gray out in Windows 10

When I open the Windows Store and try to login using my account to buy and download applications in Windows 10, the sign-in box pops up and it is only grayed out without any box area to type my username and password. 15 seconds later the window disappear. The same problem also happens with Mail and Cortana app and I could not figure out how to resolve it on my Surface Pro 3 tablet. Continue reading

Delete Windows 10 synced setting data from OneDrive cloud

When you sign in with a Microsoft account in Windows 10 tablet or computer and also turn on sync feature, your PC will connect to the cloud, and all of your personal settings and preferences such as theme, apps, Edge, passwords, language preferences, Ease of Access, and others are kept track and stored in OneDrive. You might don’t want to sync those data across other devices that you sign in to using the same account while you are playing around with an insider build. Is it possible to remove Windows 10 synced data completely? Continue reading

How To search for Large Files In Windows 10 File Explorer

If you are not sure what’s eating up the valuable space on your tablet or computer, the third part software can help you find out where you can clear the maximum space. However, the Windows 10 has the Windows Advanced Search Filter in File Explorer and you could use this built-in function to locate all large files and folders quickly. Here is the tutorial about how to find files based on size. Continue reading

No audio played after Windows 10 creators update

After my Surface Pro 4 tablet has been upgraded to Windows 10 creators update, there is no any audio when I play music and video. The task manager shows the continuous high CPU and disk usage. The speaker just get a red cros. No audio comes from my Wired/USB Headphones and connected Samsung TV, even update the Nvidia and Realtek drivers. How can I get sound to come back? Continue reading

How to disable AutoCorrect in Windows 10 mail app and Edge

It is easy to turn off autocorrection of spelling errors in Windows 10. Open the Settings app, go to Devices > Typing, and disable the autocorrect misspelled word and highlight misspelled word options. However, when I try to write the word “posible” in an e-mail message with a Spanish word, the Mail app translates and overwrites in English “possible”. It is annoying and also happens with Microsoft Edge browser. Continue reading

Install Windows Defender definition updates Offline in Windows 10/8 on Surface Pro

Windows 10 and 8.1/8 OS include a free antispyware program named Windows Defender. It can improve your computer system security and protect against malware, similar to Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE). By default Windows Defender definition updates will be downloaded through Windows Update every day. However, in the situations such as Internet connection issue or Windows Update is turned off, you are unable to get the latest virus definition files for that. Any way to get it working fine to deal with the latest virus? Continue reading

How to enable/disable Focused Inbox in Windows 10 Mail app on Creators Update

The Windows 10 built-in Mail app offers a simple way to setup multiple email accounts such as, Gmail, Yahoo! and access them in one single interface, so you don’t need to login different websites or apps. With the Creators Update, Mail app gets Focused Inbox function finally. Microsoft purchased the Accompli mobile app in 2014 and turn its key feature named Focused Inbox into Outlook Mobile for Android and iOS. Continue reading