Sync your settings grep out not working on Windows 10 Creators Update

I had logged in system using a work Microsoft Account in Windows 10 Enterprise edition with Anniversary Update (14393.969). My Surface Surface Pro 3 joined to the domain and the settings was syncing well. However, after upgraded to the Creators Update, my files are not uploaded to office 365 and all related features are disabled. I open the Settings app and go to Accounts, and the Sync your settings option is greyed out and shows a message “some windows features are only available if you are using a Microsoft account or work account“. Continue reading

Remove/Disable app store in Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise machines

I have managed multiple computers in our company. Most of PCs are running Windows 10 Pro and others are Enterprise Edition version. I need to disable the App store for all the users on those machines. It was easy to remove the function by a group policy in Windows 8.1 enterprise but now I find the tool is missing. How can I prevent users from browsing Windows store or install the new apps from there? Continue reading

Creators Update Hyper-V Upgrade Configuration Version and Quick Create in Windows 10

Creators Update is available on Windows 10 tablet and computer, and the enterprise/business updates also impact your Client Hyper-V deployments. The Hyper-V improvements come with a lot of new things, such as Checkpoint and Save for nested Hyper-V, Quick Create, Dynamic resize for Enhanced Session Mode VMs, adjust Zoom Level (120%, 150%, 200%)for VM Connect, Multiple NAT networks and IP pinning, Developer-centric memory management. Here are the how-to tips and the problem. Continue reading

How to Import/Export Start Menu layout in Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 offer a simple way to configure the default Start menu layout to make it look the way you want, such as add or remove some tiles, reposition tiles, resize tiles, and name groups of tiles. If you would like to create and deploy a customized Start menu and fix a particular layout, the Group Policy and PowerShell features can help you manage the options and backup and restore them easily. Here are the step-by-step tips for that. Continue reading

Upgrade Windows 10 Home to Pro, Windows Pro to Enterprise without reinstallation

There are some additional features in the Windows 10 Pro like BitLocker, Hyper-V and Remote Desktop. The Enterprise version offers a few exclusive features for large corporates such as AppLocker, Windows To Go, store app sideloading, DirectAccess, BranchCache, RemoteFX Virtualization, and Services for Network File System (NFS), while users are unable to download apps using Windows Store. Here is the how-to tutorial without having to reinstalling Windows. Continue reading