Fix Windows did not detect any networking hardware in Windows 10

I was able to use both LAN and WiFi network in Windows 8.1 on my Surface Pro 3, and those device were listing well in Device Manager. However, after upgrade to Windows 10, I got an error “Windows did not detect any networking hardware” in pop-up dialogue box. How can I fix the network adapter issue? Continue reading

Windows 10 disk cleanup stuck or hangs problem

After downloading and installing the latest update to Windows 10 Pro on my Surface Pro 3 tablet, I used disk cleanup tool with system files option to delete unnecessary old files that I won’t use and also free up more space on hard drive. However, it detected about 500mb to be removed, ran for many hours then was stuck at 30%. I canceled the operation, rebooted and tried it again, and it just showed little space to regain and never terminated. Continue reading

How to disable P2P Update Sharing in Windows 10 to limit bandwidth

Windows 10 comes with the new peer-to-peer (P2P) delivery update mechanism to distribute updates to other machines, because it just turns your tablet or computer into a server. Updating strangers’ systems will casue your bandwidth to be eaten and also slow down your network connection, even run into 100% disk usage. I faced such big issue and noticed that Mircosoft used close to 36GB of Bandwidth for that in 15 days and I am looking for a way to fix it. Continue reading

Fix search everywhere sidebar missing in Windows 10

Windows 8 comes with the search everywhere feature to let users search for files and other desired things through a sidebar on start screen or within running apps directly. However, the latest version of Windows 10 adds the new Start Menu and replaces it with Cortana search box on Taskbar. You can press Win+S or Win+Q keyboard shortcuts to launch it. After you disable or uninstall Cortana app in system completely, you can not search for files, folder and apps by this way. Any way to enable the missing charm sidebar? Continue reading

Map OneDrive cloud storage as Drive in File Explorer of Windows 10

It is easy to access all files stored on OneDrive through File Explorer in Windows 8.1 while the smart files cloud storage solution is broken on Windows 10 and it only shows the folders that is setted to sync to your local drive. If you want to view unsynced files and folders, lots of third party solutions give you to access OneDrive in File Explorer but that works slowly. You could Add and map as network drives and make it to appear as external storage device for resolving the problem. Continue reading

Use Google Drive Desktop App to sync Files in Windows 10

Google Drive is free online storage and file backup and offfers the way to access photos, videos, files anywhere. You can use its software and app to sync your files across tablets and computers, and access them offline without a browser. Here is the how-to tips to sync and share Your files easily in Windows 10/8. Continue reading

Fix slow response SQL connection network in Windows 10

I installed the SQL Server 2014 Management Studio on my Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10 and the Native Client 11 is included. I got the fully functional with My ODBC connection to SQL Azure but faced the slow SQL Connection Network problem. When I used the client to connect with my SQL Server, the system responded very slow and I can not find any possible solution. Continue reading

How to repair broken UEFI Bootloader in Windows 10 on Surface Pro

The Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) protocol replaces the popular BIOS with new advantages such as faster startup and larger than 2.2 TB disks supported. When I tried to installed Fedora 22 on my Surface Pro 3 that runs the primary OS Windows 10 Pro, the UEFI partition is merged some files of Fedora and I got a glaring boot error after booting up the tablet. If you are also having the same experience, try the method to solve UEFI Boot problems in Windows 10/8. Continue reading

Cannot delete calendar reminder in Windows 10

I started Cortana app to make a daily reminder of the calendar on my Surface pro 3 tablet, and that was also syncing with my Windows phone. After I edited and deleteed the reminder on the phone then signed into my calendar app in Windows 10, the same item was still under the reminder section and didn’t be removed and there was not a delete button. How can I fix the issues? Continue reading

How to Install/Enable Linux Ubuntu Bash Shell on Windows 10

The Anniversary Update allows developers to run a full, Ubuntu-based Bash shell (.sh scripts) directly on Windows 10 OS. This new feature is based on Microsoft’s abandoned Project Astoria and uses the same binaries of Ubuntu, so it is not a virtual machine or Cygwin software. Here is the tips about how to get the built-in linux enuironment and run the command. Continue reading