Fix Limited WiFi connection in Windows 8.1 Preview

My Surface RT has been updated to Windows RT 8.1 Preview build, and sometimes the wifi connection has gone suddenly. When I open Setting in Charms bar, the WiFi shows “available” with no bars. I click on its symbol to go to Networks screen, the wifi header under connections has 5 full bars but is limited. Now I am unable to browse Internet freely via a wireless network connection. My friends also get the exact same issue every 5-10 minutes after updated Surface Pro to Windows 8.1. Continue reading

How to Enable 802.11n Mode for Windows 8/RT Wireless Connection

The 802.11n Wi-Fi standard offers fast speeds and strong performance, and is compatible with older 802.11g or 802.11b gear. If you use 802.11n Wireless Router and get problem connecting your Surface Pro Windows 8 to Access point or want to have a high speed Wireless Connection, try the following step by step: Continue reading

Fix WiFi Limited Connectivity on Surface Pro/RT

When you are streaming video from Netflix or Youtube using WiFi network on the Microsoft Surface Pro or RT tablet, you may experience Limited Connectivity (No internet) error. Windows 8 just sap the wifi and make not Only internet gone, but also lose connection to the Network Drive. Microsoft has pushed out a fix by restarting or disconnecting and reconnecting the device. However, some users still get the same issues. Continue reading

Surface cannot detect home WiFi network

I have a Netgear DG834G router which is set SSID to broadcast. When I try to connect my surface Rt to home Wifi network, the tablet is unable to see any connection and can not detect WiFi. But my computer and iPad work fine without any connectivity issues. Resetting the Network WiFi connection and doing Windows Update are not working for me. How can I fix the issues? Continue reading

Connected Wifi network not working glitch

Some users have got the Microsoft Surface RT Wi-Fi connectivity glitch over time. The problem only happens on the tablet but not other wireless devices like Windows 7 phone and blackberry. My router has a strong signal with 20Mbps speed. After the surface connects to wifi network successfully, the connection works slowly and takes 45 minutes to load a Wikipedia webpage, and can’t access app store. How can I fix wifi not working issues? Continue reading

Wifi keep connecting on sleep mode

My new Surface RT device conect to wifi network at home and works fine. However, when I close the tablet and put it into sleep mode using power putton, the tablet stays connected to wifi. If I use Messaging, facebook or skype app, my friends sending me messages will think I am onine but actually I am offline. Is there a solution to make it disconnect wifi? Continue reading

Limited wifi connectivity after wake up

After I put my surface rt into sleep mode and then wake it up, the tablet shows up intermittent limited connectivity and no Wifi signel. Sometimes I have to disconnect and reconnect wifi to fix the issue, and others I must restart the device to resolve the problem. However, others device work well on my network at home, including PC computer, Google tv, wii, xbox360, iPad 2 and Nexus 7. My router is a wireless N E4200, wpa psk2. How can I get wifi working on my Surface? Continue reading