Open photo/video with The wait operation timed out error in Windows 10

I used the old photo viewer in Windows 8.1 without any problem, but it kept getting error after my Surface Pro 3 tablet upgraded to Windows 10 Pro. When I tried to open a picture of any img type such as png, jpeg, jpg using the new built-in photo app, it showed “The wait operation timed out” message and stopped working while sometimes took onger to load. That also happend with playing movie and the calculator app. Continue reading

Error 0xc1010090 (0xc00d36c3) when music/videos app played

My music and videos are stored on a NAS and I have add it to the Windows 7 library. Works from windows 7 media player and Windows 8 64bit. When I try to access these files from network storage using the Xbox Music or video app on my Surface Rt, it shows error message “Can’t Play. Can’t play because the item’s file format isn’t supported. Check the store to see if this item is available there. 0xc1010090 (0xc00d36c4).” If I copy them onto internal storage of the tablet, it works except from external storage. How can I fix the issues? Continue reading