USB MTP not working/recognised after Windows 10 aniversary update

I was able to connect my Android phone as Media Transfer Protocol or Portable Media Player devices in Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 4 tablet. After I installed the aniversary update and plug in my Nexus 4 or Samsung Grand 2, the system didn’t recognize it as an MTP device to mount it. But I tried it with Win8 machine and it was fine. Then I opened device manager and got such error “The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28). A service installation section in this INF is invalid.” How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

USB HDD eject and Safe to remove Hardware missing in Windows 10

It is easy to eject my external hard drive in Windows 8 computer before unplugging it, eliminating any changes of data corruption. After upgraed to Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the related USB removed notification didn’t appeared in the action center from taskbar, even sometime I could not get the Eject option. There was no prompt and no played sound and I can not figure out how to resolve the problem. Continue reading

USB Device connect/disconnect sound keeps playing in Windows 10

I connected my USB keyboard and mouse to my Windows 10 Pro computer and everything worked fine. However, everytime the monitor powered down then turn into sleep mode, the device connect/disconnect sound would play over and over. There was no usb log showing up in the event viewer and the Device Manager didn’t list highlighted devices. Continue reading

Install Windows 8.1 from USB flash drive Error Code 0xc1900104

Many users get the problems after upgrding Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 on their tablets or computers. When I try to install 8.1 from the app store and check compatibility, a message “You can’t install Windows on a USB flash drive from Setup. Error code: 0xc1900104” pops up. I try .ISO and still get the issues. Continue reading

Apple USB Ethernet Adapter work on Surface Pro Windows 8

I have got a shiny Apple USB Ethernet Adapter from my friends and he said that it work just fine with MacBook. Now I would like to use it on my tablet. When I plugged it in my Microsoft Surface Pro via usb port, the system recognize it in Device Manager but lacks of related drivers to be working. How can I fix the problem on Windows 7/8 64-bit computer? Continue reading