Surface Book touch screen stop working/responding after login Windows 10

My Surface Book has downloaded and installed the last round of firmware through automatics updates in Windows 10, and now the touch screen just stop working after I log into system. But it works on UEFI and on the boot screen by pressing volume up and power buttons. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Windows 10 recognize Touch Screen as mouse and not working

My Surface Pro tablet worked fine in Windows 8.1. However, after upgraded to the Windows 10 64-bit OS, the touch screen just stop working and the system only recognizes it as a mouse and said “No Pen or Touch Input is available for this display, but this is nonsense.” When I touched the screen, the mouse cursor moved and clicked while there was no circle at the point. I ran the troubleshooting hardware and devices and that didn’t take any affects. Any way to fix the issues? Continue reading

How to disable touch screen on Windows 8.1

Many tablets, laptops and ultrabooks running the Windows 8.1 OS have the touch screen capabilities. It is good for controlling applications and system through finger, but some users don’t care of that and would like to only use the physical mouse and keyboard. To prevent from touching the screen to make mistakes while you are using such two accessories as primary input mode, you could try the following tips to disable the feature. Continue reading

Best Windows 8.1 touchscreen Games you must have

The Windows 8 operating system has two completely different user interfaces with touch support. Users can still play the vast majority of games or desktop softwares for Windows 7 in the new platform, but it is good chioce to have a touchscreen equivalent like doing in android and iOS devices. Now Many developers have made this next-generation software. Continue reading

Best touch-screen monitors for Windows 8.1/8 Recommend

The Windows 8 operating system can interacte with touch by your finger like tap, swipe, pinch, zoom, and scroll, as well as the applications/games capable of touch support become more and more. For desktop computer, the touchscreen device can let you type directly on the screen more accurate and also enhances its usability. Continue reading

Show touch mouse pointer & Trackpad on Windows 8 tablet

As a graphical tool and useful feature, the touch pointer targets small objects on the screen and lets you accomplish tasks with finger while you are using touch input in Windows 7. However, it has been removed in Windows 8 and Windows RT OS. When I use my Surface Pro Windows 8 tablet with no touch pad, mouse or dock, I can’t find any option to enable mouse pointer through Control Panel. Should I have to install virtual driver? Continue reading

Targus Cleaning Pads for Surface Pro/RT touch screen

The multi-touch glass screen is one of the most important part of your Surface tablet. Due to a tight fitting gel case, I have to remove the screen protector and now need to clean the screen. Somebody suggests use baby wipes or lint free cloth, but that gets a build up of marks. Can you recommend the accessory? Continue reading

Dell S2340T multitouch Monitor for Surface Pro Windows 8

You might are looking for a desktop touchscreen for Surface Pro with full Windows 8 experience, or upgrading PC to Windows 8 and buying a monitor to take the place of older desktop display. Some reviews discuss the scaling issues with external monitor and I was discouraged from that. Finally I decide to buy Dell S2340T 23-inch Multi-touch Monitor from Amazon. Continue reading