How to setup Precision Touchpad and Multi-Touch Gestures in the Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows 10 Creators Update comes with some new touchpad settings and enhancements to improve navigation and multitasking. A Windows Precision Touchpad becomes more accurate to detect left/right clicks and pinch to zoom, and supports a whole host of multitouch gestures, which is similar to Appleā€™s multitouch mouse gestures. Here are the tips about how to customize the settings. Continue reading

Windows 10 Action Center keeps popping up when touchpad clicked

A lot of users have reported the problem on their laptop such as Dell, HP Pavilion, HP Spectre x360 and others. I was able to push my touchpad to open any program in Windows 8. After installed the Windows 10 anniversary update with up to date drivers, it caused the action center popping up, even sometimes I moved my mouse. So I had to click on the left key to open all the apps. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

How to Enable Virtual Touchpad in Windows 10 with second display

Microsoft unveils a new way to turn your Microsoft device with touchscreen into trackpad, and this is the same touchpad gesture which Apple uses on Macs. In Windows 10 Anniversary Update build 14965, user are able to activate the built-in Virtual Touchpad feature if a second display is connected to your Surface Pro or other related tablet. The new feature can help you easily manage the second display using onscreen touchpad, but it is only only available once the another monitor, HDTV or computer is connected. Continue reading

How to customise Touchpad gestures in Windows 10 RedStone 2

Windows 8 had trackpad edge swipes to opened the charms bar and do other things, but these Mac-like gestures is overhauled in Windows 10 since now, because it is not helpful for desktop users. To help laptop owners navigate the desktop easily, Microsoft quietly re-add this brilliant new feature to customise trackpad gestures the RedStone 2 version. Here is the how-to tutorial for having great effect. Continue reading

Touchpad gestures not working on Windows 8 laptop

Everytime I put my laptop running Windows 8 Pro into sleep mode and then wake it up, the touchpad multi-touch gestures will stop working, such as scroll with two fingers, pinch, slide in from the right edge and more. Go to Setting and turn touchpad Off and ON and nothing happens. Finally I have to completely reboot the device to temporarily solve the problem. But it will come back after hibernate. Is there a way to get it working? Continue reading

How to turn off natural scrolling with touchpad

With using the Touch Cover’s trackpad on my Surface RT, it is easy to push up to go down and pull down to go up using two fingers. The Mac also have the same feature called “natural scrolling”, but it is standard scroll up to go up and scroll down to go down. Now I want to turn it off while typing but I can’t find any options in the setting. Continue reading