Fix Can’t connect to the sync service with Windows 10 account

I have enabled the synchonization on my Windows 10 computer. After I make changes with background, wallpaper and colors in the theme, the modified composition doesn’t sync and not apply on my Surface Pro 4 with the same account. It’s just the standard theme. The built-in troubleshooter tool reports the “Can’t connect to sync service” error. That only happens after I install the Fall Creators Update. Any way to get it working across desktop PC, laptop and tablet? Continue reading

Delete Windows 10 synced setting data from OneDrive cloud

When you sign in with a Microsoft account in Windows 10 tablet or computer and also turn on sync feature, your PC will connect to the cloud, and all of your personal settings and preferences such as theme, apps, Edge, passwords, language preferences, Ease of Access, and others are kept track and stored in OneDrive. You might don’t want to sync those data across other devices that you sign in to using the same account while you are playing around with an insider build. Is it possible to remove Windows 10 synced data completely? Continue reading

How to sync Internet Explorer 11 Tabs/favorites across Windows 8.1

Fot the favorite webpage, you might have to email the links to yourself and open them up on another computer when switching the device. Google Chrome and Firefox have build-in syncing feature to solve the peoblem. With SkyDrive integrated into Windows 8.1, Internet Explorer 11 also allows you to sync tabs and more across all tablet and PC. Continue reading

How to sync folders outside SkyDrive folder on Windows 8 Pro

When you singn in your Surface Pro/RT or computer using a microsoft online account, you are able to keep Windows 8 in sync with SkyDrive. Go to PC setting of Metro-style control panel, select “Sync your setting”, turn on “Sync setting on this PC” and setup which personal settings. The syncing folders locate in c:\users\%username%\skydrive. Continue reading