Cortana cannot sync Android notifications to Windows 10

I have enabled the Cortana on my android S7 edge smartphone and Surface Pro 3. Within the app, I login and use the same Microsoft account on both devices while the Cross Device section is turned on. However, any notifications from my Android phone can not be sent to my Windows 10 tablet. I notice that the “Continue on PC” function is still working. I switched to my current phone from my previous and it was fine. even I have removed the old device. How can I fix the syncing problem across different platforms? Continue reading

How to sync bookmarks between Edge and IE11 in Windows 10 locally

Windows 10 has pre-installed the Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 browsers. Edge runs faster and requires less resources´╝î while IE uses old technologies and doesn’t support many formats and standards. However, you might need to access some website, which is not compatible with Edge, in IE 11 on your PC. Continue reading

How to Install Themes from Store on Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft transform from its legacy desktop to the new Universal app model. Now the Windows 10 Creators Update offer a direct way to download and install both free and paid themes from the Windows Store. These are still .themepack file extension regularly, but the .theme format include additional information and can not be installed in Windows 7 OS. Continue reading

Sync Microsoft Edge favorites and reading list across Windows 10 devices

The new version of Microsoft Edge Browser support for HTML5, CSS3, and ECMAScript features, as well as sync of your favorites and reading list across all your Windows 10 devices. In the future, Edge will gets Sync Passwords, Bookmarks, passwords, history and Tabs support. The sync capability (like Firefox sync)is useful on Surface Pro, Lumia and other Windows 10 cpmouters. Continue reading

How to sync app licenses in Windows 8.1 with multiple devices

Windows 8.1 allows you to sync app licenses which is purchased from app store to the cloud by Microsoft Account, so that you can access them anywhere. By default the system offers a option to let Metro apps automatically update in the background, but most users don’t realize they need to get the up-to-date information for that and manually make the syncing when log in to your own account on another new tablet or computer. Continue reading

Fix Windows 8.1 skydrive not syncing problem

Many people have got the problem with SkyDrive desktop app after upgraded their tablets or computers to Windows 8.1 from 8. It just stop syncing your files across all devices and won’t finish the uploading process, and also displays these messages “Error 0xS00705B4: This operation returned because the timeout period expired” or “Error 80070490: element is not found.” Using troubleshooter doesn’t resolve the issue. Continue reading

How to upload Photos and Videos from Windows 8.1 Camera Roll to SkyDrive

There are a SkyDrive Modern app and a desktop app available in Windows 8. In Windows 8.1, SkyDrive is integrated in File Explorer at the system level. Most of people could use it as a cloud storage solution for keeping away from local storage, and then view, browse, upload, and share the files in Continue reading

Fix Windows 8.1 app Live Tiles not working with X symbol

I have updated to the Windows 8.1 Preview build on my Surface Pro. After configure the Start Screen to be synchronized with my computer, Modern applications which aren’t installed on the tablet are installed automatically. However, I notice that some app Live tiles are not working and just display X symbol and the default picture. Continue reading

Windows Blue sync Start screen across Windows 8.1 devices

Windows 8 currently allows uers to sync PC Settings like personalization themes, account picture, wallpaper and taskbar between machines, but doesn’t offer a way to seamlessly sync Start screen. If you use multiple computers and tablet and want to have a consistent start screen, that should be a real drag considering and you have to manually transfer the appsFolder.itemdata-ms file. Continue reading