Macbook Air retina vs. Surface Pro 2 spec comparison

The (early 2014) 13-inch MacBook Air comes with the same-sized MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Compare the late 2013 model, the new device has a small increase in processor speed and the SSDs run much slower, but it is still a good value. Surface Pro 2 is the last Windows 8.1 series tablet produced by Microsoft. Continue reading

Surface Pro 2 wakes from sleep mode by itself and battery drains

Microsoft had released monthly software patches through Windows Update on December 10th, 2013 to improve keyboard interaction and trackpad and make fixes. HOwever, after installing the last firmware, many people notice that their Surface Pro 2 always wakes from sleep mode by itself and the screen stay on, as well as the battery life drains quickly. Continue reading

Cannot install System firmware update on Surface Pro 2

Microsoft has released the new automatic firmware update for all versions of Surface tablets earlier. The bulk of the updates fix an issue caused its screen to dim and also decreases the charge time on the newest 2nd generation devices. However, a few users try to install the firmware through Windows Update and it is failed to load with the following error message: Continue reading

XBox One SmartGlass app not connecting on Surface Pro 2 error 0x8000001F

I have got a new Xbox one and would like to turn my tablet into a second screen for enhancing movies. After setting it up and installing the SmartGlass App on Surface Pro 2, I am attempting to connect to the Xbox and keep getting the error:
We can’t connect to your console right now. 0x8000001F“. However, I do the same way on Nokia Lumia 920 Windows phone without any problem. Then I run the app on my Windows 8.1 computer and it just works fine. How can I fix the issues? Continue reading

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 vs Apple iPad 5 spec comparison

Apple is preparing to introduce its next generation tablet iPad 5 in October itself. And Microsoft has sold out two latest versions of Surface 2 (both the ARM-powered and Intel-powered devices) and the response is exceptional. However, we still can’t be sure how tablets fared in the market. Continue reading