Windows 10 SSD not showing up or multiple empty disks in Disk Management

My Win7 computer had connected with the main HDD and two more SSDs which act as backup data. To prevent the Windows 10 upgrade from affecting them, I remove those disk during the process. However, after I put both into their previous locations, I could not get them to show up in Disk Management or File Explorer’s This PC. If I boot into BIOS screen, they appear fine. How can I make system to recognize the Solid State Drivers? Continue reading

Fix USB 3.0 flash drive not recognized in Windows 10 creator update

When I plug my Samsung SSD 850 Pro in Surface Pro 4 tablet, Windows 10 doesn’t recognize it as USB 3.0 device in Device Manager. It just lists as a USB Mass Storage Drive and offers very slow rates to transfer files. I change with the Sandisk Cruzer Glide flash drive via USB 3 rear port and it is not recognized and not accessible. I have to make reboot to get it working. That only happen after fall creator update. Any way to resolve the issue? Continue reading

Fix Optimization not available on SSD in Windows 10/8

To improve your PC’s performance, it is easy to use Optimize and Defragment feature to manually optimize any type of drives to defrag a HDD or TRIM a SSD. However, when I click “Optimize” from local disk (C:) properties on my Windows 10 computer raid with mechanical disks, both Analyze and Optimize buttons are grayed out. The Media type lists it as solid state drive and the current status is optimization not available. The problem only happens after Creators Update. How can I get it working? Continue reading

How to setup schedule time with Optimize Drives in Windows 10 on Surface Pro

The internal disk drive of Surface Pro tablet or other PC need to be optimized to improve the system’s performance. By default Windows 10′s built-in Optimize Drives feature, previously called Disk Defragmenter, will run on a weekly schedule at the time automatically. I have an individual SSD which is not defragmented and would like to add it to the job and change the default schedule time manually. Continue reading

Windows 10 Disk Management hang with Connecting to virtual disk service

I have installed the Windows 10 Anniversary Update on my Surface Pro 4 tablet and then used tweak software to improve SSD longevity. Now when I try to format a new USB flash drive or create and attach VHD files through the disk management, it just shows error messages such as Connecting to Virtual Disk Service, could not start Virtual Disk Service (VDS) on Your-computer-name, and never loads. I am able to type diskmgmt.msc to search it but Disk Management does not run at all. Continue reading

PC with SSD drive freezes and crashes with Windows 10 Anniversary Update

To improve the performance of the computer, a few people have installed the Windows 10 on a solid-state drive (SSD) while apps and data are storing on another separate drive. After their tablet or computer had applied the Anniversary Update, some users ran into the problem. When they tried to load an application from the taskbar or click on the Start Menu from desktop, the system keep crashing and freezing. Wiping the entire SSD, cleaning install Win 10 and running the AU is still not working. Any way to resolve it? Continue reading

Fix SSD Optimize Drives not available in Windows 10

My C drive is a solid state drive and recognized by Windows 10 Pro currently and I had made optimization for it for several days. However, today I notice that its current status showed optimization not available for C: drive while both Analyze and Optimize buttons became grayed out. How can I resolve the problem in the situation with an SSD on my computer? Continue reading

Optimize Windows 8 SSD Performance Improvement by Tweak-SSD

By default both of Windows 8 and Windows 7 system have already been optimized superb. SSDs are much more reliable, so you may install Windwos 8 on SSD drive. If you want to optimize your SSD for Performance Improvement more fast and also reduce read/write disk access on Surface Pro or computer, a disk utility called Tweak-SSD do the job. Continue reading

Surface Pro mSATA SSD upgrade to 256gb How to Guide

Microsoft’s Surface Pro is different from current ARM or Atom based tablet, because it supports Windows 7 software installing and integrates an industry standard mSATA Micron C400 SSD. According to iFixit, you are able to technically upgrade the SSD based drives inside to much larger mSATA SSDs. Someone has successfully upgraded the 64GB hard drive to a 240GB Intel 525. That broke the tablet but cool upgrade. Continue reading