Fix USB Device could not be migrated in device manager on Windows 10

I had used the external microphone and USB flash drive in Windows 8.1 on my Surface Pro 3 tablet and everything was fine. However, after upgraded to Windows 10, the system claimed that those devices were turned on while became not working at all. It reported that their Properties showed “Device could not be migrated” error in device manager. Continue reading

JAMBOX Wireless Speaker Bluetooth Pairs and Offline

I have a portable Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Speaker that delivers stunning hi-fi audio. When I pair my Surface rt with Jambox, the available devices show it “paired”. But the processing bar loads at10 percent and then pairing device become immediately offline mode. I go to settings and it is still there. How can I get the Wireless Speaker working with surface? Continue reading

Speakers are distorted and audio is crack issues

When my Surface RT is in standby with cover closed and notification comes up, sometime sound plays but the speakers are distorted and the noise crackles. The audio is just stuttering. However, I listen to music and play games and the speakers work just fine without blown. My friend also have the same issues. After the tablet is in sleep or standby mode, the audio is crackly sometimes. Try making Windows updates/drivers can’t fix the issues. Continue reading

Speaker sound keeps muting on Surface RT

When I listen music on the Surface RT tablet and switch to start screen, the sound suddenly mutes itself but the song is still playing. I have to check the volume rocker to unmutes it. Then I go to view youtube video and there is no sound. I hit the speaker and notice the sound keeps muting. How can I fix the issues? Continue reading