Reboot-To quick Dual booting operating systems solution

You might have installed two operating systems on one tablet or compter. To switch between them, you need to run to the boot screen and make your choice. It is boring to do such a job more frequently. Now Reboot-To utility gives you a easy Windows dual booting solution, without any waiting timers and also without any hassle. It is just like NeoSmart Technologies iReboot. Continue reading

Best Windows 8.1 Start Menu Apps download

There is a button on the lower left corner for opening software in Windows XP/7, and it has been removed from Win8. Finally Microsoft has restored start button in Windows 8.1. It is a massive improvement. However, this is not a REAL Start button and menu. If you would like to do basic tasks in the system’s traditional desktop mode without being bothered by the Modern UI, there are a number of alternatives with the slick interface users like previous os. Continue reading

Windows 8 Metro Style interface for Windows 7/XP

You might would like to enjoy the innovative Windows 8 Metro UI, wihtout upgrading your Windows 7 or Windows XP computer, WinMetro software can help you get the same innovative tile-based interface in older Operating System. Many people are taking about the smooth as butter Metro UI in Windows 8 and it does the good job. Continue reading

Surface Pro Windows 8 auto-hide Taskbar in Portrait Mode only

To enhance the desktop mode on Microsoft Surface Pro or other Windows 8 tablets, I always configure taskbar to the left of the screen for accessing my running programs and others. However, If I put the device in landscape mode to browse webpage, or read ebooks, taskbar uses a lot of screen area significantly and that really make me crazy. Continue reading

Show touch mouse pointer & Trackpad on Windows 8 tablet

As a graphical tool and useful feature, the touch pointer targets small objects on the screen and lets you accomplish tasks with finger while you are using touch input in Windows 7. However, it has been removed in Windows 8 and Windows RT OS. When I use my Surface Pro Windows 8 tablet with no touch pad, mouse or dock, I can’t find any option to enable mouse pointer through Control Panel. Should I have to install virtual driver? Continue reading