Computer Browser Service Missing and not working after Windows 10 fall creators update

My Windows 7 computer and Surface Pro 3 are in a workgroup environment. After I install the Windows 10 fall creators update on the tablet, I am unable to browse for available domains, servers, and resources in my network places. I notice that the Computer Browser Service is missing in the Services Manager. The Network File Sharing is already enabled and nothing happens. How can I resolve the discovery problem? Continue reading

Cannot browse SMB shared network PCs in File Explorer on Windows 10 Creator update

I have installed Creators Edition Update on all Windows 10 computers and tablets by Media Creator tool and the upgrade procees successfully. However, I am unable to browse the Network in File Explorer and can not access shared folders on that PC, and that worked fine before. I run the net view command and it results in “The service has not been started. More help is available by typing NET HELPMSG 2184.” error. Continue reading

How to disable SMBv1, SMBv2 on Windows 10/8 to prevent Wannacry ransomware

With Server Message Block (SMB) protocol, you are able to easily share files, folder, printers, and communicate this information between computers in a networked environment. However, the recent cyber attack of the WannaCrypt or WannaCry ransomware uses the ETERNALBLUE tool to exploit the vulnerability in the SMB service to spread and propagate. If you want to prevent virus from from spreading for security reason or don’t need the service or , try the methods to turn off SMB on Surface Pro tablet or Windows 10/8 machine. Continue reading

Cannot access SMB Network shared file after Windows 10 Anniversary Update

I have setup the Server Message Block (SMB) server and add video sources to it in Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 3 and I was able to access the shared files over a local network. After installed the anniversary update, the SMB function was broken and not working whileI tried to access SMB from KODI from other computer and got Invalid Argument error. Any way to fix the issue to get it working? Continue reading

Windows 8 Map Network Drive An extended error has occurred

When I try to map a network drive to my storage area network (SAN) using UNC paths in Windows 8 Pro, I recieve the Error messages “The mapped network drive could not be created because the following error has occurred: An extended error has occurred.” Turnning off firewall and antivirus, but it is still not working. How can I fix the mounting issues? Continue reading