Cortana Search not indexing apps after Windows 10 Creators Update

The search function worked fine since I applied Windows 10 Creators Update on my Surface Pro 4 tablet. Now I install a new software and its shortcut lists in the “new apps” part of the Start menu. However, when I type its name in Cortana search bar or in the Start menu, nothing is found and it seems to be not refreshing in the index database. Continue reading

How To search for Large Files In Windows 10 File Explorer

If you are not sure what’s eating up the valuable space on your tablet or computer, the third part software can help you find out where you can clear the maximum space. However, the Windows 10 has the Windows Advanced Search Filter in File Explorer and you could use this built-in function to locate all large files and folders quickly. Here is the tutorial about how to find files based on size. Continue reading

Fix File explorer crashing when searching in Windows 10

Every time I opened the File Explorer, selected a folder and use the search function to type word/string to locate a simple directory list or others, the explorer window crashed and the Desktop environment with icons disappear slowly and then my desktop returned about 20 seconds later. The problem happened after installed the Windows 10 Anniversary Update on my Surface Pro 4. I made a reboot with system and that didn’t take any effects. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

These results may be incomplete, search is still indexing your stuff in Windows 10

When I used Cortana Search in taskbar, clicked My Stuff and entered something into a field to find my Documents, libraries, other files in Windows 10, it showed “These results may be incomplete. Search is still indexing your stuff” message at the top of poped up screen and failed to displays results completely. Running System File Checker command didn’t take any effect and I confirmed Windows Search service was running. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Fix search everywhere sidebar missing in Windows 10

Windows 8 comes with the search everywhere feature to let users search for files and other desired things through a sidebar on start screen or within running apps directly. However, the latest version of Windows 10 adds the new Start Menu and replaces it with Cortana search box on Taskbar. You can press Win+S or Win+Q keyboard shortcuts to launch it. After you disable or uninstall Cortana app in system completely, you can not search for files, folder and apps by this way. Any way to enable the missing charm sidebar? Continue reading

Fix Windows 10 search not index exe files problem

I have downloaded putty.exe file and save it onto the desktop. When I pressed the Start menu and typed putty in the search box, nothing showed up from results and such .exe file was never indexed. That also hapeened with program which is listed in the Start Menu or other .exe files. Within Control Panel, I opened Indexing options > Advanced > Filetypes, and the exe is checked. Any way to get rid of that? Continue reading

Fix Windows 8.1 search not working or broken in apps issues

Windows 8.1 has enhanced Smart Search feature that provides universal search functionality and also commingles results from your PC, SkyDrive and the web. However, when I go to search for something, the system takes long time to load and show “something went wrong with your search, and it’s taking too long to complete it. try searching again” error message. If you make searching with applications like calendar, it’s also broken. Continue reading

Windows 8.1 slow search and not working issues

I have upgraded to Windows 8.1 Preview on my Surface Pro tablet successfully. The new OS brings many great features. I touch down Arrow button and search from Applications list and it is fast like Windows 8. However, everytime I use the new Bing-powered Smart Search and it runs incredibly slowly. If I type in home screen or another app, it takes about 5-10 seconds to initialize the search and then shows the results. Continue reading