How to take screenshot of entire/part of screen in Windows 10

Taking the screenshots can share what’s on your screen of device and offers useful information. Now the Windows 10 Creators Update bring a way to capture a specific region of your screen using the Win + Shift + S keys, which is based on the OneNote 2016 feature. Here are the how-to tutorials without third-part software. Continue reading

How to Take and Manage Screenshots in Windows 8.1

Editor or other users might need to create screenshot images every day for job. Windows 7, vista and XP generally require a long step process: use the Print Screen key to copy a desktop’s screenshot to clipboard, pasted into Paint or similar application, and then save it to hard drive. Now it has a easier way to do that in Windows 8.1 and 8 OS. Continue reading

Change Screenshots File Location on Surface Pro Windows 8

Taking a Screenshot is easy to do on Surface Pro/Rt. Just hold down the “Windows” button on the bottom middle of tablet and then press down the volume down button to save it on your pictures library. On Windows 8 Pro computer, pressing Win + Prt Scrn keys from keyboard also save it in PNG format at %UserProfile%\Pictures\Screenshots folder. If you want to changethe default screenshots location to other folder, try the following step by step: Continue reading