Auto Rotation Lock Option missing/lost after Windows 10 anniversary update

I always disconnected my type cover and enabled the Tablet mode on my Surface Pro 4, so that I can easily read PDF and Office Word documents. However, after my tablet installed Windows 10 anniversary update, the screen rotate button had completely disappeared from the action center and the related options was missing in Display settings. Now I am stuck with no rotation charm and lost the ability to auto rotate. Continue reading

Rotation Lock option grayed out and not working in Windows 10

The rotation feature was working in Windows 8.1 on my Surface Pro 4 tablet, while its action was available in the notification center. After upgraed to Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the Rotation Lock option becomes grayed out and dimmed, so I could not interact with it. How can I fix the issue? Continue reading

Surface Pro Simple Device Orientation Sensor Not Working or Disconnected

The screen rotate function is not working anymore on my Surface Pro Windows 8. I notice that the locking rotation option is actually missing from the PC Setting. When I open the device manager, the Simple Device Orientation Sensor displays with error message “this device is currently not connected to the computer, please unplug it and try again“. Making a reboot the tablet but nothing happens. Continue reading

Photo viewer auto rotate thumbnail view on Surface Pro Windows 8

I have a problem with Surface Pro. I put a bunch of pictures that are rotated with my favorite software from computer onto my tablet’s album. When I use Windows Photo Viewer program to view them, windows 8 reads the exif data and autorotates the images on thumbnail view in the gallery. File explorer also shows them in the correct orientation. But when I upload them to website, all of them come out sideways. Continue reading