Restore/Re-Open Active Windows and Programs on Windows 10 reboot

Mac OS X has the Resume feature to re-open apps, windows and tabs in the same state you left them after a restart event. It is very convenient to quickly continue resuming your work in case of a system update or others. But Windows 10 doesn’t offer such basic function and that always interrupt your work by unplanned reboot. Continue reading

How to restore missing Edge Favorites after reset/upgrade Windows 10

My Surface Pro 3 tablet runs slowly and sometimes becomes unresponsive, so I use the Reset this PC feature in Settings app to roll back to factory settings. However, when I open the Edge browser, it loads a “Welcome” screen and my favorites folders I created are missing. The similar problem happens on my other Windows 10 computer upgraded on Creators Update. My favorites in Edge also magically disappear after a windows update. How can I restore and get back the Favorites with Edge? Continue reading

How to schedule Automatic Backups in Windows 10 to create System Restore Point

Windows 10 comes with two different built-in backup utilities, File History, and Windows Backup and Restore. You can use the tool to manually creates and save those information including drivers, installed apps/programs, system files, and settings to a restore point, while the system only does that before system events. Without using third-party backup and recovery software, you can also setup it to schedule automatically to save your time and energy. Continue reading

Restore deleted/lost Edge Favorites after Windows 10 Anneversary Update

I had bookmarked many favorites sites for accessing them later and stored them in multiple folders while configured them to displayed in the bar of Microsoft Edge on my Surface Pro 4. However, after the tablet had installed the Windows 10 Anneversary Update, most of my favourites have been deleted and disappeared with no apparent trace. I used the free 3rd-party app Edge Manage and still could not find them. Continue reading

How to remove or uninstall Windows 10 and restore to Win 8.1

The Windows 10 Preview Build ships with a new feature but its pre-beta softwares always turn system to be unpolished and buggy so it is not good for production. If you have install it without in a virtual machine and keep experiencing occasional crashes and data loss, the bset way is to remove it and roll back to the original version. Here is the tutorial for that. Continue reading

Fix Control Panel or System Restore blank screen in Windows 8

Windows 8 users might get this problem. When you open Control Panel to perform functions or access the System Restore window, the page is showed but appeared to be blank, such as no icon for user account and no categories. It just completely white and doesn’t display in the results if you make a search from Charm bar. Any way to resolve the problem? Continue reading

How to Backup/Restore Outlook 2013 Signatures in Windows 8

You might have setup several signatures for various types of emails in Outlook 2013. If you need to move from my old Windows 7 computer to a new computer running Windows 8, the rules and signatures can not be exported automatically and the .pst file for messages doesn’t include such information so you need to make a restore. Continue reading