How to uninstall Printer Drivers on Windows 8 Pro

Faulty print drivers can casue print spooler constantly crashing. I have installed HP LaserJet M1005 in my Surface Pro windows 8. Now I need to remove an old printer driver package completely from the Windows file repository and install the later version. However, after uninstalled all the HP printer programs, the driver is still there on the tablet. Is there a way to clean them up? Continue reading

Failed to remove bluetooth device on Surface Pro Windows 8

I have put a USB Bluetooth adapter with my SUrface Pro and connect to a Bluetooth headset. When I go to PC Setting > Devices, and try to remove the headset, Windows 8 get BSOD eventually and now it list “Removing device”with unclickable “-” sign. Try reconnecting my headset to the tablet get error “Adding your device failed. Remove it from your PC first then try again.” Continue reading