Your computer can’t connect to the Remote Desktop Gateway server after Windows 10 Creator Update

My remote gateway app is hosted on Windows Server 2008 R2 and I was able to connect to the Remote Desktop environment in Windows 10 Pro. However, after I upgrade my Surface Pro 4 tablet to Creator Update, it is not working at all and I receive the error message “Your computer can’t connect to the Remote Desktop Gateway server. Contact your network administrator for assistance.” I would like to get the new feature of microsoft RDC client like Scaling and now the program is broken. How can I resolve the problem and get it working? Continue reading

Quick Assist app fails not working in Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows 10 Creators Update comes with new inbox “Quick Assist” App which shares a tablet or computer over a remote connection and allows you to help another person troubleshoot it, without emailing an invitation file. It is easy to use and available on all version, even on Home Edition. However, when I open it and sign in using my account on my Surface Pro 4, the app stuck at a blank screen and display “An error has occurred. We’ve run into a problem. An error has caused screen sharing to end or we cannot establish a connection. Please close Quick Assist and try again later.” message. Continue reading

Fix Remote Desktop DPI scaling issues with Windows 10 Anniversary update

If you are using a computer with the high density (DPI or Dots Per Inch) of modern screen or a Surface Pro 4 tablet while the operating system has been installed the Windows 10 Anniversary update, you might be faced the typical scaling issues. When you run the built-in Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) client and use it to connect to another machine remotely, everything is too small and it is hardly read them.. For example, Mouse cursor, text font and images become really small and blurry, and the entire screen can not be filled up. Continue reading

Remote desktop with black screen in Windows 10

I used remote desktop to connect to my computer through WAN and LAN without any issues. After I upgraded the system to Windows 10 Professional and setted up everything such as ports and static IP address correctly, the RDP made a secure connection and got a black screen with no cursor then disconnected. I rebooted got it working temporarily as well as I created a new account and that didn’t take affect. Continue reading

Cannot Remote Desktop connect to Windows 10

I had enabled Remote sessions on my Windows 8 tablet and everything worked fine. However, after updating to the latest version of Windows 10 operating system, I can not establish remote connection by host name or IP address from another Win 7 computer which is on the same network, while pinging the host name gets reply and enabling NLA doesn’t take any effects. How can I fix the issues? Continue reading

Fix Windows 8.1/2012 Remote Desktop Black Screen issues

The build-in Remote Desktop feature allows us to access another computer remotely to solve issues on the system. I notice that a lot of people have got the same problem while trying to remote into their Windows 8.1/2012 desktop on Windows 7. The client prompts for the UID/PW and connects, but the session just stays stucking at a empty black screen except that the Keyboard commands work. Then it will close itself after 30 seconds. How I can get it working? Continue reading

Cannot RDP to Windows 8.1 on Mac by Remote Desktop client app

I have upgraded to the Windows 8.1 Preview on my Surface Pro. It transfers over all seeting from Windows 8 correctly. However, I keep getting RDP issues. When I use the latest version of client RDP app 2.1.1 to Remotely access windows 8.1 preview’s desktop, it shows the error message on my Mac OSX Mountain Lion: Continue reading

How to Enable Remote Desktop in Surface Pro Windows 8

Windows feature Remote Desktop lets you access a remote PC and help IT administrator control multiple computers on a network simultaneously. If your friend or family need some tech support with Surface Pro Windows 8, you can use Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) software to take control of their tablet. Continue reading