Windows 10 cannot empty recycle bin after Creators Update

I uesd Windows 10 Pro on my Surface Pro 4 and everything worked fine. However, After I download and install the Creators Update throught update assistant, I notice that the recycle bin has some items in it so I want to remove them. I try to delete those files and nothing happens. Then I hold and press the icon to get the menu and the Empty Recycle Bin option is grayed out. How can I resolve the problem on my tablet? Continue reading

How To Enable Delete Confirmation Dialog in Surface Pro Windows 8

If you have used Surface Pro tablet or switched to Windows 8 computer and go to delet a particular file or folder, you should notice there is no prompted for confirmation if you want to delete it. If you send wrong file to the recycle bin by mistake, it is hard to recovery. But the delete confirmation dialog has been disabled by Microsoft. Continue reading