Fix HP printer not print color page after Windows 10 update

I have used hp office jet 3830 with colour-capable and it worked with my Windows 10 computer. However, after the system is upgraded to Fall Creators Update automatically, it refuses to print in color on my word documents and photos. I test the demo page by built-in menu and it gets full color. From the Color Usage log, all pages and sides were in Mono and get black. I get it on Android phone it does have color function. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Cannot restart print spooler duplicate endpoint error in Windows 10

My Windows 10 tablet get the security update recently and then the HP network printer become unresponsive. It is no way to remove all current print jobs. I go to delete the files inside the the related folder in File Explorer, but it is used by spoolsv.exe. Then I type services.msc in Run dialog box and select the printer spooler to restart it, and then “Error 0x800706cc. The endpoint is a duplicate” message pops up. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Windows 10 system error 5 has occurred Access is denied with printer and command

I am unable to use the net user command in Windows 10 on my Surface Pro tablet. When I click on Command Prompt from Start menu and try to execute the command, it just shows“System error 5 has occurred. Access is denied.” error message. My account has the administrator right. That also happens with a shared network Brother printer and I could not get it to print off the document in Win8.1 computer over the same wireless network. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Fix Default Printer Cannot Be Set in Windows 10/8.1

I have enabled the Microsoft Print to PDF and XPS Document Writer in Windows 10. When I tried to add a new Lexmark E360 with my Surface Pro 4 and check the set it as default printer box through the wizard, it poped up the “Default printer cannot be set” warning. I went to configure it through Devices > Printers & scanners in the Settings app and it was still not working. Continue reading

How to add/remove XPS Document Writer printer in Windows 10

I have used HP 8600 model in office as my primary network printer on my Windows 8 computer. After upgraded to the Windows 10 and applied the Anniversary Update, my default printer was changed to the XPS Document Writer at random times. Everytime I tired to print something from app, it was frustrating that I need to close out of the program and re-configured the physically connected device as the default one. I don’t want to create XML-based format files by the function. How can I remove or delete XPS permanently? Continue reading

How to Fix default printer changes by itself in Windows 10

By default every time you need to set the default printer manually in the dialog on Windwos 8.1/8, while Windows 10 brings a new behavior to reconfigure that. The system can change the default printer to the most recently-used one automatically. However, if you always converte files to PDF through Microsoft Print to PDF function or use different printers, this gets extremely annoying and you’d better disable this feature to resolve the problem. Continue reading

Fix Printer Communication not available in Windows 10

My Dell V305 printer worked without problem in Windows 8 but it just stops working and generats the “communication not available” error message after my computer upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. The cable and USB hub is OK while the print spooler service is running in system. I move the printer over to my Surface Pro 3 tablet which has applied the same driver and it turns to be fine. Any way to resolve it? Continue reading

Active domain services currently unavailable for Windows 10 printer

I had added my HP OfficeJet 4635 Printer correctly in control panel and set it as default device but was still unable to print from my Surface Pro 3 tablet running Windows 10. When I opened Office 2013 components Excel, Word or PowerPoint and tried to print a documents, it didn’t detect the device and poped up the error message “Find in the Directory. Active Directory Domain Services is currently unavailable”. Any solutions to get it working? Continue reading

Fix There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper in Windows 8.1

I have installed several printers like Brother wireless and HP Color LaserJet, and they worked fine on Windows 8. After upgraded to Windows 8.1 Preview, They are recognized by Windows but appear “not connected” status and can’t be reconnected. When I try to print doc file, a error “There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper” message pops up.

Windows 8.1 update comes with 3D printing support but is lacking of 2D printing improvement. Many people have the exact same problem after Windows 8.1 upgraded with compatible drivers. Here is a way to fix printing endpoint insufficiency issues.

* Right-click the Desktop screen’s bottom-left corner, and choose “Control Panel” from the menu.
* Within Control Panel, go to Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers.
* Right click on one of the printers, and select “Troubleshoot” option. It will fix the problem automatically.