How to create Contacts Group in Windows 8 People app

If you have many contacts in a list, that gets way too cluttered to manage them. With making a Contacts Group, it is easy to sift through co-workers, friends and family. I have set up contact groups on my iPhone and iPad successfully, but can not find any option to create and edit a group in Windows 8 people app. Continue reading

Cannot delete duplicate/empty contacts in People app on Windows 8

After setup Gmail with People app on my Surface pro Windows 8 tablet, the app shows Google contacts twice. I have to leave my Microsoft account and remove other linked accounts. However, the People app is filled with all empty duplicates with my Google contacts. And I can’t find a way to delete them. Checking contacts in the and there is no empty contacts. Continue reading

Create Contact group in People app in Surface Pro Windows 8

I am able to add a contact group On my Windows Phone and the step is also very simple on Windows 7. However, when I switch to Surface Pro Windows 8, I can’t find a way to create a contact group in mail or people app. I have imported all contacts from Outlook, Google and Facebook. I have 10 friends and want to send emails to regularly as a group but fails. Continue reading

People App Your password as changed. Sign in with your new password in Windows 8

When I try to sync my Facebook account with the “People” app in Windows 8 on my brand new computer, the app shows up error message “Your password has changed. Sign in with your new password.” or “You’re ready to go and it might take a few moments for changes…” Now it won’t sync facebook and twitter. Continue reading