PDF default to Edge, JPG to Paint after Windows 10 v1803 update

My Windows 10 computer was upgraded to version 1803 overnight. Today when I wake it up from sleep mode, many things has been changed. The pdf files format is kept reverting to its own Edge browser, as well as the jpg, gif, bmp, png formats are default to Paint 3D program. I would like to use my custom file and format associations as before. How can I get it working normally? Continue reading

Microsoft Edge PDF annotation Web Notes aren’t available

I am an Engineering Student and have installed windows 10 anniversary update on my Surface pro 4 tablet. When I open any PDF file which is either saved locally or loaded on website within Microsoft Edge browser and use pen to make the annotation, it pops up a dialogue box saying “Web Notes aren’t available. Sorry, you can’t take notes on this page right now.” How can I resolve the problem or is there any permissions to be adjusted? Continue reading

Fix Pdf Office documents Preview Pane not working in Windows 10

When I clicked on any pdf, or Office doc or docx in File Explorer, the preview pane preview the file well without needing to open it in Windows 8. After my Surface Pro 3 installed Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Preview Pane is not working at all and show “this file can’t be previewed.” How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

How to disable Edge browser as default pdf/html file association

I have setup Adobe Acrobat Reader DC as the PDF view by default in Windows 10. After installed the the latest updates on my Surface Pro 3 tablet, Edge was forcing itself back and took over my PDF file associations. That also made effect with .HTM and .HTML associations. The Action Center reported that “An app default was reset by Microsoft Edge. An app caused a problem with the default app setting for .pdf files, so it was reset to Microsoft Edge” message. Continue reading

How to save webpages as pdf/mht in Edge browser on Windows 10

After the Windows 10 Anniversary update, the Microsoft Edge browser comes with much improved but still lacks some essential ones such as no direct option to save any web pages to disk locallly. You might find something important on internet and would like to read it in offline mode.Without using copy-paste as solution or by third-party software, it is easy to resolve the problem. Continue reading

How to convert/save webpage as PDF file in Edge Browser on Windows 10

Microsoft Edge Browser has added many useful features in Windows 10 Anniversary Update. If you find how-to guide on website and would like to read for future, saving the content of the webpage to a PDF file is a good choice. Without installing third-party extensions or applications, the Windows 10 offers the built-in Microsoft Print to PDF feature to resolve the problem basically. Continue reading

Fix Adobe Reader Cannot View PDF files in Edge

The Microsoft Edge browser have a built-in document reader and does not support the extensions, plug-ins or Add-Ins, while such pdf viewer is missing many basic functions. When I clicked on a pdf link from an attachment of email message in Windows 10, it showed the error message “For the best experience, open this PDF portfolio in Acrobat X or Adobe Reader X, or later.”, or opened a new tab with blank pages in the document. It’s annoying that I have to open and view PDF files in IE11, Chrome and Firefox. Continue reading

Windows 10 pdf thumbnails not showing in File Explorer

My Surface Pro 3 running the Windows 8.1 has stored lots of PDF files and I was able to see them as thumbnail pictures in File Explorer. After upgraded the tablet to Windows 10 OS, the Reader app and Adobe DC only showed an icon and said no preview is available, but it was available for Office Word files. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

How to convert/print file to PDF in Windows 10

PDF is a standard document format and you have to use third-party software to print a file or website to PDF file in Windows 8.1/8/7. Unlike the previous operating systems, Windows 10 have native PDF support and allow users to convert several file formats of content such as HTML, DOC, Excel, JPG, BMP and more as PDF using a native printer. I use the new function for my tasks and it works perfectly. Continue reading

Windows 8.1/8 PDF files not show Thumbnail Preview with Adobe Reader

All of my .pdf files works fine in Windows Explorer on my computer running Win 7 32-bit. However, after added 2GB Memory RAM and upgraded to Windows 8.1 64bit, a huge collections don’t not show thumbnail image using Adobe Reader and it is difficult to find the book I needed. If I change the folder view to Medium icons, the issues seem to be fixed but them revert back to the icon when I use Crtl and Mouse Scroll Up to increase the size. Continue reading