Copy/Clone parental controls to another account in Windows 8

I am setting up an individual account with parental control feature on my Surface Pro Windows 8 tablet. Now I need to create more than one users for my children and it is difficult to make the list of allowed/blocked programs and restricted websites multiple times. How to copy or clone parental controls settings from an existing restricted account to these new ones and keep them syncing without redoing every one of them by hand. Continue reading

Guest Account Cannot Access Internet on Surface Pro Windows 8

I am the administrator and have created a guest account for my child on my Surface Pro. The guest account only have limited access to the installed app on the tablet. My child login to the Windows 8 and open IE 10, but it could not access internet connection. Changing to my account and the WiFi connection works fine. Is there a system feature or any third party app to Enable Wireless Internet Access for the Guest Account of Windows 8 Pro? Continue reading

How to Setup Parental Controls in Surface Pro Windows 8

The Microsoft Surface Pro running Windows 8 has built-in parental controls features called family safety by default. It allows you to monitor and control your children’s Computer Usage, set time limits and websites filter. When you go to PC setting > Users to create an additional account, checking “is this a child’s account? Turn on family safetyto get reports of their PC use” to enable. Continue reading