Transfer Contacts from People App to Outlook RT in Windows RT 8.1

The full version of Outlook 2013 RT with touch-friend support is available for download from the Windows Store, but it is still lacks features like add-ins and Lync integration. If you have upgraded Surface RT to Windows 8.1 and also want to replace the build-in mail app, there are two options for migrating contacts which have been kept in the People app ( Continue reading

Can’t add Exchange account in Outlook 2013 RT problem

I had configured my corporate exchange account in Mail app on my Surface tablet and it worked fine. However, after upgraded to Windows 8.1 RT OS, I find it is no way to add the exchange account in either Outlook 2013 RT nor Exchange 2010 program. Try removing ActiveSync mailbox policies but nothing happens. Continue reading

Outlook 2013 RT for Surface RT misses enterprise features

You might have installed Windows RT 8.1 Preview on the Windows RT tablet like Surface RT. If you have purchased a commercial license to Microsofts Office 2013 suites with Outlook, a bundled version of a new Outlook RT client is available in the new OS and you can use it for business. Continue reading