File Explorer can’t preview email msg files on Windows 10

I have installed the latest version of Windows 10 Pro 64-bit on my Surface Pro 4. I used the Office365 ProPlus E3 version well, but now something runs into the strange problem. All email .msg files cannot be previewed in File Explorer anymore. They are stored in my Documents and Dropbox folders. I use the Outlook 2016 and it is set to the default mail client. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Fix Outlook 2016 run slowly without email message after Windows 10 v1803

I had setup multiple accounts like Exchange with the Microsoft Office 365 software on my Surface Pro 3. The Outlook 2016 worked fine but now opens very slowly. It just happens after upgraded to Windows 10 1803 version. The main screen always becomes blank white area and doesn’t display any email messages It seems to be something wrong with Spring Creators Update. How can I fix the office problem? Continue reading

Remove or turn off Metered Connection Warning in Outlook 2016 on Windows 10

I have bought the Surface 3 Unlimited ATT LTE and it runs Windows 10 Home with Office 2016. When I use the the Cellular connection outside, Outlook 2016 can’t send or receive email messages anymore. Because it automatically goes offline and shows “Metered Connection Warning & Upgrade in Progress” in the File tab. I open the Network & Internet in Settings app and disable metered connection but nothing works. How can I resolve it on my tablet? Continue reading

Outlook 2016 Search not index pst file in Mailboxes

My Office 2013 has been upgraded to 2016 version on my Surface Pro 3. When I use the search function to find something by the All Mailboxes option, it is not working and doesn’t find any results within the Outlook software. I rebuild the index and install the latest Office Updates then nothing takes effect. I notice the search works fine in safe mode, except the normal mode. The problem happens after the Window 10 fall creators. How can I resolve the problem on my tablet? Continue reading

Cannot Pin Office Outlook/Excel/Word to Windows 10 taskbar

I am using the Outlook for Office for most of the time and would like to pin the Outlook desktop client to my taskbar for accessing it quickly. However, when I right-click on the Outlook icon from my desktop or Start menu, there are only Create New Mail Message, Calendar Entry, etc, while ‘Pin to Taskbar’ option doesn’t appears as other apps. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Close button minimizes Outlook 2016/2013 to keep running in background

When I click on the red X button, the Skype app will be minimized and stay on the task bar. But the feature is not working with Office 2016 in Windows 10. I always close Outlook a lot of times by mistake and then I have to re-open it to check email message. How can I resolve the problem to keep it running in background? Continue reading

Outlook 365/2016 calendar reminders not popping up in Windows 10

I have upgraded my Office suite to 2016 version in Windows 10 computer. When I start using the Outlook 2016, I notice that the calendar reminders don’t pop up and other function are fine. The same problem also happens with Office 365 ProPlus on my Surface Pro 4 tablet. I have created Calendar and Task reminders in my primary folder and it just stop working. How can I resolve it? Continue reading

Cannot Insert Hyperlink Outlook/Word crashes in Windows 10 Creators Update

I have used office 2016 version in Windows 10 anniversary update without any problem until my Surface Pro 3 is upgraded to Creators Update. Everytime I highlight text in email and press Ctrl+K then paste the URL in the insert hyperlink dialogue box, the Outlook program freezes and crashes. It also happen when I insert a video from youtube by imbed code option or hyperlinks in Powerpoint. That always lose any unsaved changes on those document files. Continue reading

How to auto-refresh your mail inbox in Outlook 2016/2013

The Office Outlook 2016 won’t update new messages in my inbox unless I manually click on the refresh option or Press F9 from keyboard. That always happen when I worked offline for a short time, so my messages aren’t received quickly and I get some delay in the time. To keep it staying up-to-date incoming mail, the best way is to configure shorter intervals to refresh automatically through send/receive group settings in Outlook 2016. Continue reading