OneDrive Failure We detected a different OneDrive folder in Windows 10

I had configured the onedrive folder in Windows 10 v1709 and everything worked fine on my Surface Pro 3. However, after applied the latest cumulative updates v1803, the software is broken. When I try to run it, OneDrive won’t start and pops up “We detected a different folder in C:\users\XXX\onedrive than was expected” message. It seems to be something wrong with redirected folders. How can I resolve the problem on my tablet? Continue reading

Improve OneDrive slow upload files speed in Windows 10

I use OneDrive app in my daily workflow on my Surface Pro 3 tablet, but the speed become very slowly and I always takes a long time to upload data. The 1.5Gbit folder syncing process is at 360kB/sec speed and I have 2Mb upload bandwidth. OneDrive app also can not deal with big files, so I try the website for uploading 9gb of files through HTTP in Edge, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 11. However, the most basic Internet protocols don’t support that and all browser crash with an out of memory error. How can I improve it in Windows 10 Pro? Continue reading

How to fix missing OneDrive File On-Demand after Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update get the OneDrive File On-Demand feature to make Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage to be simpler to use. You are able to see all of your files stored on OneDrive from within File Explorer, without downloading them at first. However, I have upgraded my Surface Pro 4 to the latest OS and could not find the Files on Demand option to get it working. Continue reading

Fix OneDrive Setup process use high cpu usage in Windows 10

My Surface Pro tablet has became very slow after installed the 1703 Creators Update in Windows 10 64bit. I open the Task Manager and notice that the Microsoft OneDrive Setup process constantly use about 30% of CPU and make system.exe Memory usage to high heaven. The system also notifies that OneDrive couldn’t install an update. I run the OneDrive Troubleshooter to check and reset OneDrive but it seems doesn’t take effect. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Setup expiry time for OneDrive shared file with Office 365 in Windows 10/8

I have installed Office suite on Windows 10 computer, and would like to share a larger excle file to my friend. When I open the OneDrive service, which I don’t pay for subscribe or buy Premium, and generate the share link, I could not find any option to limit the time after expire. How can I set the expiry time with the file? Continue reading

Pause/stop OneDrive syncing in Windows 10 Creators Update

I always edit Use Office Word documents on my Surface Pro 4 from different locations and use OneDrice to sync all finished files in Windows 10 Pro. So I would like to find a way to pause syncing when an upload or a download is in the process, and it is useful when I am on a Mobile broadband (metered) connection. How can I resolve the problem on my tablet? Continue reading

Fix Onedrive for business crashes in Windows 10 Creator update

I am unable to use Office Onedrive for Business to sync files in an additional sharepoint library after installing the Windows 10 Creators Update on my Surface pro 4. When I try to run the app, it keeps crashing and won’t start up. Sometimes Onedrive quits by itself after a few seconds and then restarts in this cycle. I could not change any configuration to troubleshoot it on my tablet. Continue reading

How To Uninstall OneDrive completely in Windows 10 Creators Update

You might don’t want to use the built-in cloud storage application OneDrive to sync file in Windows 10, as well as most corporations would like to disable it because of the threat of data extraction. Now Creators Update offers the simple method to remove OneDrive by One Click from your tablet and computer. Here is the tutorial to disable it without using Command Prompt. Continue reading

Add to my OneDrive option missing in OneDrive Cannot download shared Folder

I have installed OneDrive for business with Office 365 in Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 4 tablet. Others has sent me the link of the shared files/folders via email but the “Add to my OneDrive” option is missing with multiple shared folders on the web, no matter using Edge, IE or Chrome browser. My OneDrive App also can’t sync them because it requires an username and password on login page and it does nothing with what I provided. Continue reading