Fix Show app notifications option greyed out in Windows 10 settings

The Cortana gets SMS messages from your smartphone in Windows 10 anniversary update and allows users to reply to those messages with Cortana. The new feature is working well on my computer clean install, but I could not get the messages and the action center never show the app notifications from the desktop after upgraded my Surface Pro 4 tablet. I access the Settings app and notice that Show app notifications option is greyed out in Notification and actions pane, so it causes the problem. Continue reading

Enable balloon notifications and disable toasts in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with the new Notification Center and all app and system notifications are displayed as toasts by default. However, they will disappear suddenly once the timeout is reached, as well as some do not appear at all due to the compatibility issues. If you would like to restore the balloon notifications and get a single tooltip from software, try the how-to tutorial to enable the feature on Surface Pro or other computer. Continue reading

How to view old Notification history in Windows 10

In Windows 10, the new action center consists of the notifications area which display the notifications from various apps for you to take actions, such as Windows system apps and third-party apps like Twitter, Facebook and your email account. However, I had enable apps to show notifications for error and updates and when I clicked them , they are gone and slided off the screen so I didn’t have a chance to read it. I would like to review old user notification historys to make some sense without missing something important。 Continue reading

Hide/Disable File Explorer Sync Provider Notifications in Windows 10

The Windows 10 Creators Update brings up a new feature named Sync Provider Notifications since the Insider Preview Build 14901 version. The notifications show tips about system changes and the information about things you can do, and always appear directly on top of the File Explorer app. It educates customers on features, but you might want to get rid of that and here are the how-to tutorial on Surface Pro or other related computer. Continue reading

How to Turn off or disable Windows Phone notifications in Windows 10 PC

The Notification Mirroring feature in Anniversary Update offers a way to see the notifications from your own Windows Phone on your Surface Pro tablet or other Windows 10 computer. It is very useful for many people but may become annoying if there are lots of phone calls. Here are the step-by-step tips to stop getting bombarded with notifications from my phone on PC. Continue reading

How to receive push Android Notifications on Surface Pro Windows 10

Windows 10 build 14342 brings a new feature to receive notifications from an Android device on the desktop through Cortana app. Users can set mirrored notifications up to only send alerts for the apps they want and aren’t worrying about notification overload on Surface Pro tablet. Here are the how-to tips for that. Continue reading

How to Disable New App Installed Notification in Windows 10

Everytime you install an app from the Windows store or desktop in Windows 10, the “You have new apps that can open this type of file” notification will pop up in the upper right corner of the screen for a short time by default. If you click on it, a “How do you want to open this type of file” gives you a choice to select the current default app or the new app to configure for the file type of the opened file. If you don’t want to use this constant reminder, try the tutorial to turn the notification off or prevent it from displaying. Continue reading

Windows 8.1 notification Some Settings are managed by your system administrator

I log into with administrator account on Windows 8.1 x64 tablet and keep getting the grayed out notification settings. When I the right-side Charms bar from desktop mode and go to Change PC settings > Search and apps > Notifications, it shows the red message “Some Settings are managed by your system administrator” and there is no way to make the changes. Then I remove my account and reinstall Calendarm Mail, People but it is still not working. Trying the System Restore is just fine for a limit time. How can I fix the issues? Continue reading

Outlook 2013 notifications not working on Windows 8 Pro

After installed Office 2013 Pro on my surface Pro Windows 8, the outlook 2013 played sound and showed notifications in the title and envelope icon in taskbar while the new message arrived. However, I selected some messages, to move into spam folder. Now email notifications is not working at all. If I run Outlook as Administrator, it temporarily works. Continue reading

Clear tile notifications on logout in Surface Pro Windows 8

Many tiles display the live notifications with new information from their associated application on Surface Pro Windows 8, such as People app with Twitter notification, Weather app showing updated weather information, Stocks app containing recent stock quotes. Once you have logged off system, Windows 8 will retain the history of past notifications and display them as the last notification if you log back. Continue reading