Cannot change from Public to Private Network on Windows 10 v1803 updates

My Surface Pro 3 tablet have upgraded to Windows 10 to version 1803. My HP wireless printer fails to connect and can not print word document. I notice that the network is changed to Public mode by system. However, it is no way to change back to Private Network in the Settings app and Connection Properties. The Homegroup feature is also missing. How can I re-configure the network and get device working, without doing a restore? Continue reading

Dial-up error 633 and 3g Dongle not working After Windows 10 Creators Update

My Windows 10 tablet has been upgraded to Creators Update version 1703 and I could not use some network functions. When I dial-up Internet access using Huawei USB Modem, it fails to connect and shows error 633 – com port in use message. Then I change to other 3g Dongle, but the mobile Partner software runs into “The modem (or other connecting device) is already in use or is not configured properly” while those devices were working fine in Anniversary Update. Continue reading

Fix Windows 10 Data usage monitor report not working with installed apps

Windows 10 can monitor the network usage and bandwidth from Windows Store apps to desktop software over the previous 30 day window. Simply open the Settings app, go to Network & internet > Data usage, and you are able to see a general overview by Ethernet and WiFi connections, as well as get the deeper app usage to avoid exceeding data caps. However, the function is not working after I install the Anniversary Update and I could not figure out how to fix the issue on my Surface Pro 3 tablet. Continue reading

How to fix No Internet access in Windows 10 Creators Update

The Windows 10 Creators Update brings a lot of new features and improvements. for desktop PCs, tablets and laptops. I have downloaded and installed the new major update on my Surface Pro 4 successfully. However, after I restart the system and login my desktop, there is No Internet access. The Notification area of Taskbar doesn’t include an Network icon, as well as the Network status in Settings app display a No internet access message. Continue reading

Cannot turn off Password Protected Sharing after Windows 10 Anniversary update

I was able to access shared files, printers and public folders from Windows 10 computer on my Surface Pro 4 tablet. After the device had installed the Anniversary update, it kept asking to enter my credentials while I tried to access shared data. I could see those files by logging in with Microsoft or local account. Then I went to click on the off radio button of Password Protected Sharing and save, but it didn’t take effect and reverted back to Use Password option. Continue reading

Reset network adapter connection in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

You might be facing the network problem, such as lost the network connectivity suddenly, DNS Server Not Found error, or get limited connectivity, and need a possible solution quickly on your Surface Pro model and other Windows 10 computer. The Windows 10 Anniversary Update bring the new Network Status page in the setting app to resolve that, without needing to dig through the Control Panel. It combines your network status and the app to run a troubleshooter or do a complete reset through a single tapping or clicking. Continue reading

How to change Network Location from Public to Private in Windows 8.1/8

Unlike Windows 8, the Windows 8.1 doesn’t ask you to set for location to public or private mode when you first connect to a new network. By default it is marked as public mode because that is more convenient and secure for most users. However, the opposite option offers many useful features, such as remote access and network discovery. Continue reading