Best office & home NAS for Windows 8.1/8

The network attached storage (NAS) device acts as low-powered home and small-office drive. With the equipment, you can easily store and share files from your Surface tablet or Windows 8.1 computer across a network, and use a single or multiple drives for protecting your personal data. Many of them have good capabilities, like data-recovery and backup functions and additional server modes. Continue reading

Fix Windows 8.1 cannot connect to NAS/DAS drives

I have setup a NAS server and moved all of my media files to it and now I face a strange problem. My Surface Pro 2 tablet connects by a Wireless G/N adapter. The Windows 8.1 File Explorer can’t see NAS drive, and the VLC/iTunes program also can’t access the data except the Windows Media Player. However, other devices works fine with the shared drives over NAS through wireless, including my Win-7 Ultimate desktop and Android tablets. How to fix the issues? Continue reading