Windows 8.1 mouse cursor disappears after clean install

I have purchased a notebook laptop and it is pre-installed the Windows 10 Home version. I perfect to use the previous operating system, so I download the ISO file of Windows 8.1 version and burn it on flash drive. After the clean install process is completed, I login my desktop screen and notice that the Mouse cursor disappears. All of the drivers are up-to-data. It is very annoying to control everything on the touch screen. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Windows 8.1 invisible mouse pointer on dual monitors with docking station

My Surface Pro has been installed Windows 8.1 correctly but the mouse behaves strangely with dual screen. When I use Targus USB 3.0 Video Docking Station to connect my tablet to the second monitor Dell UltraSharp U2312HM which has native 1920×1080 resolution, the mouse arrow is invisible and disappears. Right/left-click are working as well as the text pip and the hand pointer are visible between two screens. Continue reading

Show touch mouse pointer & Trackpad on Windows 8 tablet

As a graphical tool and useful feature, the touch pointer targets small objects on the screen and lets you accomplish tasks with finger while you are using touch input in Windows 7. However, it has been removed in Windows 8 and Windows RT OS. When I use my Surface Pro Windows 8 tablet with no touch pad, mouse or dock, I can’t find any option to enable mouse pointer through Control Panel. Should I have to install virtual driver? Continue reading