Cannot view free space of mounted volume in Windows 10

If a directory is a mounted volume and I ask for properties, it will show free space in Windows 7. However, after I upgraded my computer to Windows 10 Pro, it is not working at all. I open the disk management and go to properties of the mounted partition, it shows 0 free space and 0 used space. I can use any apps or software and access files on that disk. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Cannot mount ISO files in an NTFS volume on Windows 10

Windows 10/8 is the ability to mount ISO image without using any third party application. I have get an ISO disc image file about 20 GB in size in my downloads folder, but couldn’t mount it to the default iso drive. It just pops up the error message “>Make sure that the file is in an ntfs volume and isn’t in a compressed folder or volume.” Others on my external hard drive are also refused to Mount. If I right click on it and select Open with Windows Explorer and still get the same error. Everything worked fine before and the file is really located is NTFS. Continue reading

You Do Not Have Permissions To Mount And Modify This Image in Windows 10 DIMS

There are two ways to mount an image file and assign a temporary drive letter to it for accessing the data in Windows 10. You can right click the .vim file and select Mount option from context menu, or use the Deployment Image Servicing and Management command to do that through Command Prompt interface. However, for some reason when I tried to run the command with the correct parameters, it displayed the message “Error: 0xc1510111. You do not have permissions to mount and modify this image. Verify that you have Read/Write permissions or mount the image using the /ReadOnly option. Note that you cannot commit changes to an image with read-only permissions.” Continue reading

How to Mount/Unmount ISO file in Windows 8.1

When the software downloads are largely in .ISO format, you have to burn the file to a DVD. One of the nice features in Windows 8.1 is the ability to “mount” .ISO files directly. Windows 8.1 OS allows you to mount any ISO files stored on your tablet or computer as Disk Drives, so you can run the software installation from the location and access them like a real disk-drive. Continue reading