Restore default display settings and setup bigger text in Windows 10

I try to customize the color and others options with the Display in the Settings app on my Surface Pro 3 tablet. Now most of the things becomes teeny tiny with the strange colors in Windows 10. The drop-down menu is black-on-black and it is difficult to read mail message. I would like to restore that to the default, without doing a reset process. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Windows 10 resized and repositioned screen after sleep mode

I always used Outlook, Excel and Chrome browser on my Surface Book with the external monitor Dell U3415W. After installed the recent Windows 10 Creator updates, the system keep resizing and repositioning the screen of all applications upon wake from sleep mode. Those windows are scrunched up on the left side of my monitor. The driver is up-to-date. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Cannot adjust external monitor brightness with Surface Book in Windows 10

My Surface Book connects with a LED backlit LCD LG MP59HT monitor. The Cinema Display is very bright enough to view in full sunlight, so I would like to change the brightness of the external monitor. However, when I access the extend these displays setting, the “Adjust brightness level” option is greyed out. The available brightness slider in Action center in taskbar doesn’t take any effect. How can I fix the problem? Continue reading

Dock output with external monitor not working in Windows 10 creator update

I have a laptop running Windows 10 enterprise 64bit with Anniversary, and use a dock dock station on to connect with a second monitor without any problem. However, after installed the creator update, the monitor output on the docks is not working at all and it doesn’t detect anything via VGA, Displayport or DVI port. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Fix Surface Pro extended monitor bug

With HDTV or VGA adapter and compatible cable, you are able to hook up an external monitor to some resolution with Surface Pro Windows 8 for doing either graphics, spreadsheets or coding. I have connected my tablet to a second display, everything works but then I notice a big bug duing the process. I am not allowed to make different zoom levels on extended monitors. Continue reading

Surface Pro external monitor cut off edges issues

When I connect Surface Pro to my Dynex TV Model DX-40L260A12 (1920×1080 resolution 1080P 40-inch) via hdmi cable, everything works fine except that the edges are cut off. The task bar at the bottom of the screen is gone, because the screen is cropped on all four sides. I open the control panel and change to the same resolution as the TV, but it is not working. Continue reading