Apps not working access control entry is corrupt in Windows 10

I had created only a local account with admin right in my Windows 7 computer. After upgraded the PC to Windows 10 Pro 1709 version successfully, I could not save things to programs folder in D driver, while the Calculator and 3d Paint apps are not allowed to run. It seems that the current account lacks of some permissions. When I try to add the read and write through the advanced security settings, it pops up the error message “This access control entry is corrupt. Delete it and create a new one“. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Open Metro app hyperlink in Internet Explorer Desktop Mode on Windows 8.1 Pro

The Metro app of Internet Explorer 11 has Modern UI mode with limited options in Windows 8.1. By defalt, if you open hyperlink from any apps, it will load the context in Modern UI mode and it seems to be not option to change this default relationship. However, Local Group Policy featre can help you force system to open links in IE desktop mode. Continue reading

Flipboard app for Windows 8.1 with Live Tile and native gestures

There are a few top-notch apps for Windows 8.1 operating system. Now the personalized magazine app Flipboard, already available for Android, iPad and BlackBerry, has debuted on the Windows Store. It comes with Live Tile support and native gesturing, and works on Surface, Nokia Sirius tablet and other supporting devices. Continue reading

Fix Windows 8.1 app Live Tiles not working with X symbol

I have updated to the Windows 8.1 Preview build on my Surface Pro. After configure the Start Screen to be synchronized with my computer, Modern applications which aren’t installed on the tablet are installed automatically. However, I notice that some app Live tiles are not working and just display X symbol and the default picture. Continue reading

Microsoft Power BI Office 365 for Windows RT/8

In the IT industry Business Intelligence is growing and Microsoft showed off a new cloud-based business intelligence solution called Power BI for Office 365 subscribers. The service works with latest version of Office and Excel and is launched in July for viewing Office 365 reports, particularly from Excel documents, via smartphone and tablet and on the webpage. Continue reading

Dim Background when Watching Youtube Video on Windows RT/8

I would like to watch my favorite videos on Youtube for a long time on my Surface RT tablet. The best way is on a dark background without any extra page elements visible. Many different browser extensions could bring a cool “cinema watching” experience, but it is no way to install related add-on with Internet Explorer 10 in Windows RT. Continue reading

Skype app connects to WiFi hotspots on Windows RT/8

Microsoft has released the official application called Skype WiFi for iPhone and Android OS, and now it is also available for Windows RT and 8 in the app store. The app allows you to connect to over one million WiFi hotspots in world wide for signing in your own Skype account. Continue reading

Skycap Email Client for Windows 8 & RT

After playing around the Windows 8 or RT OS, you might be disappointed by Microsoft built-in Windows 8 Mail app which is a stock email client with basic functions. Skycap Mail, released by Codelogic (Pty) Ltd, is an standard email client that support POP3 and IMAP protocols and is built for metro interface. Continue reading