Windows 10 Mail app your Outlook account settings are out of date

My Surface Pro 3 with i5 processor ran Windows 8.1 and everything worked fine. After upgraded the tablet to Windows 10 OS, I launched the new Mail or Calendar app and it kept showing the error message ” Your Outlook account settings are out of date.”, as well as the same notification also poped up in the Action Center at the bottom right side of the desktop. I clicked either of these to get the Fix account and Dismiss options, but any of them didn’t fix the issues. Continue reading

Skycap Email Client for Windows 8 & RT

After playing around the Windows 8 or RT OS, you might be disappointed by Microsoft built-in Windows 8 Mail app which is a stock email client with basic functions. Skycap Mail, released by Codelogic (Pty) Ltd, is an standard email client that support POP3 and IMAP protocols and is built for metro interface. Continue reading

Outlook Mail/Xbox Incorrect Password Error with 2-Step Verification in Microsoft Account

Microsoft have enabled the 2-step verification feature to protect your online account with security code. However, when you use an email client like Microsoft Outlook 2013, Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird or Xbox 360 or Android device, and sign in with your current password, it will show message “incorrect password error“. Gmail service also presents the same problem. Continue reading

Cannot download attachments in Windows 8 Pro mail app

I have an imap account served by SBS 2003 Exchange server, and have setup it in mail app on my Windows 8 Pro . When I receive emails and try to open the attachment such as jpg, PDF or Word document , it shows error “one or more files cannot be downloaded, TRY AGAIN”. Continue reading

Import Outlook Express into Windows 8 mail app

My old computer running Windows XP has All my email going back many years on Outlook Express. I want to import the Outlook Express Address Book into Windows Mail app? I have backed up all emails and saved them as .dbx files onto a flash drive. How to migrate these addresses so I can access all my old messages and email addresses on Surface Pro Windows 8? Continue reading

Different email Live Tiles for multiple accounts in Surface Pro Windows 8

If you have added and setup multiple email accounts to Windows 8 Mail app on your Surface Pro or RT, like @live, @hotmail, Google gmails for working and personal, you may need to display recent mails for various accounts with different Live Tiles on the start screen. Here is the way to get a separate tile alerting for each of your multiple email accounts, even for different Folders. Continue reading