Fix Lock Screen Black Background no image after Windows 10 Anniversary Update

I had set my own custom background image for the Lock screen in Windows 8.1 setting and it worked normally on my Surface Pro 4 tablet. However, after I installed the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the Lock screen showed the date and time in the solid black background without any background image. When I brought up the Sign-in screen by hitting a key, the image was there and not broken. Continue reading

Fix/Change Windows 10 Lock Screen Timeout on Surface Pro

I always read email message on my Surface Pro 4 and the screen keeps timing out the way too soon in Windows 10 anniversary Update, so I make changes with the length of inactivity time by this method. Right click any empty area on Desktop, select Personalization > Lock Screen > Screen time out settings, and choose your required time in the drop down menu.However, no matter what I set the length of time to, the screen will keep timing out at 1 minute. If I configure the the displayto “never sleep” in Power Options, it doesn’t take effects and the tablet goes to sleep after 2 min. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Enable or Hide Network/power Option on Lock Screen in Windows 10

Windows 10’s lock screen is not just a background image, but also contains widgets that display quick notifications and information. My Surface Pro 3 has installed the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, and I notice that mine only has the Network and Ease of Access icons and the Power button is missing. Any way to customize that and get it appearing. Continue reading

Disable or Remove Windows 10 Lock Screen with Anniversary Update

The Lock screen is perfect on Surface Pro model, tablet and smartphone, but may becomes useless on laptop and Desktop PC. If your computer have installed and applied the Anniversary Update build of Windows 10, the previous group policy trick and registry trick to disable Lock Screen is not wokring at all in the Pro edition. Here is the how-to tutorial for helping you turn off or remove the feature. Continue reading

Fix Cortana not shown/working in Lock Screen on Windows 10

With Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the virtual assistant Cortana can appear directly on the lock Screen, so it will show up right after you turn on your tablet or computer. If the feature doesn’t activate automatically, you could open Cortana app, go to Settings, and toggle “Let me use Cortana even when my device is locked” to On, and then you are able to ask it for various questions such as the forecast, latest news and more. However, I have enabled it by this way on my Surface Pro 4 tablet and the Cortana is still not working and not shown in Lock Screen. Continue reading

Enable Cortana on Lock Screen in Windows 10 on Surface Pro

After the Anniversary Update applied, the digital assistant Cortana has been improved by Microsoft. It gets a way to be available directly above the lock screen on Surface Pro model tablet and other Windows 10 computer. Without entering your password to log in system, you are able to easily talk with Cortana for doing common tasks such as check the temperature, set reminders and more across all types of devices. Continue reading

How to disable lock screen in Windows 10 for non-touchscreen device

The lock screen is pretty much only designed for touch screen devices, such as Surface Pro tablet, but become redundant on a non-touchscreen laptop and PC running Windows 10. Because you have to click it away to get to the login screen. Here is a easy tweak to turn it off completely and make comfortable working. Continue reading

Windows 8.1 stuck on lockscreen and LogonUI.exe high cpu usage issues

My computer is running on an AMD A10 APU processor (quad core). Now I am experiencing the odd problem after upgrading it to Windows 8.1 64-bit from 8 and setting to display lock screen. When the monitor goes to sleep mode, the screensaver and background comes but lock screen doesn’t load properly. The system hang on lockscreen and keyboard doesn’t respond anymore. To get rig of it, I have to do a hard power off. Continue reading

Hide Contact Birthday Reminder in Windows 8.1 Lock Screen

If you login with your Microsoft Account in Windows 8.1 operating system, the default configuration will remind you all friends birthdays and show it in Lock Screen. If you don’t want to get reminded every day with related information on the tablet or computer, the best choice is to turn the feature off in the system. Continue reading

Fix Surface Pro Windows 8.1 sleep of death issues

I’ve been experiencing with the exception on both of my Surface Pro updated to Windows 8.1 preview and my Windows 8 computer. First I wake the tablet/PC up, and then device starts going to sleep mode after one to two minutes of idling. When I use lock screen slideshow feature, a few photos come and then it automatically turns off the display. Then I try to change power options to other power plan, but it is still not working. Continue reading