How to browse Ubuntu/Linux ext3/ext4 Files in Windows 10

My desktop computer came pre-installed with Windows 10. I had dual boot installation with Ubuntu 16 successfully and used it to do some test. Now I don’t want to boot to Ubuntu everytime. But I could not find any app from store to allow accessing the ext3/ext4 file systems. How can I resolve the problem on my PC? Continue reading

Windows 10 Anniversary Update break GRUB Linux Partitions with dual-boot system

You might have setup multiple partitions to install both Linux and Windows in a single drive or across multiple drives on one machine, so you can easily choose one between various operating systems at booting process. If your Surface Pro tablet or other Windows 10 computer is running a dual-boot system, Anniversary Update could destroy boot loader in dual-boot config, break GRUB, even delete all Linux partitions. For example, in the first re-booting, Windows 10 doesn’t boot and then showed error “unknown filesystem. Entering rescue mode … grub rescue>” message and I doesn’t figure out how to fix the issue? Continue reading

Linux bash shell not start Unsupported console settings in Windows 10

I have enabled and installed the Windows subsystem for Linux through Turn Windows features on or off in Control Panel, and get the Bash Unix shell supported in Windows 10 Anniversary Update on my Surface Pro 4. HOwever, when I opened command prompt and tried to run Bash on Ubuntu, it outputed the error “Unsupported console settings. In order to use this feature the legacy console must be disabled.”. If I ran the Bash Start menu shortcut, it flickered and disappears quickly. Continue reading

How to Disable UEFI Secure Boot in Windows 10/8.1 to install Linux

The UEFI Secure Boot feature in Windows 10 and 8.1 OS generally helps to make sure that your PC boots using the low level software and firmware is signed by Microsoft and trusted by the manufacturer, so low-level malware like rootkits can not interfered with the boot process. However, if you would like to install the Modern versions of some Linux distributions, such as Fedora, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Chrome OS and beyond, the Linux boot loaders and other software are also blocked. To resolve the problem, Windows 10 gives manufacturers an option to include the toggle it or not in the UEFI firmware. Continue reading

Enable/install Windows subsystem for Linux in Windows 10

The Anniversary Update brings the built-in Windows Subsystem for Linux to run the Bash Unix shell on 64-bit versions of Windows 10, without third-part app supported. The Bash utilizes Hyper-V function and is useful for developers and IT professionals to use a rich collection of command line. Here are the step by step tips to enable and install it. Continue reading

How to Install/Enable Linux Ubuntu Bash Shell on Windows 10

The Anniversary Update allows developers to run a full, Ubuntu-based Bash shell (.sh scripts) directly on Windows 10 OS. This new feature is based on Microsoft’s abandoned Project Astoria and uses the same binaries of Ubuntu, so it is not a virtual machine or Cygwin software. Here is the tips about how to get the built-in linux enuironment and run the command. Continue reading

How to dual-boot Windows 8.1/8 and Linux on tablet

My computer has pre-installed Ubuntu 11.0 and also meets the Microsoft system requirements. After I install the Windows 8.1 preview, I can’t find a way to login back to the previous OS. How I can dual-boot Windows 8.1 and Linux from the same machine without too much trouble. Continue reading

Install Linux/Ubuntu/Android on Surface Pro Windows 8

The Surface RT is a ARM-powered locked in tablet and it is impossible to get other OS onto it. For security, it is very difficult to install Linux, Ubuntu, Android or even older versions of Windows operating system (Windows XP) on Surface Pro or Windows 8 computer. Because Microsoft has add secure boot feature to UEFI. Continue reading