Windows 10 keyboard filter/Sticky keys won’t turn off and stuck in

I use the accessibility version of windows 10 on my tablet. Sometime I leave the device for about five minutes or restart the system and then login my desktop. However, the Filter Keys is enabled and stuck in. That break my gaming experience, because I press the Shift key repeatedly in physical keyboard and the dialog box pops up. It is annoying that I have to manual turn it off. The next time I sign on and the Filter Keys also defaults to on. How can I prevent those accessibility features permanently? Continue reading

Useful Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts/hotkeys

The Windows 10 operating system comes with many new features, such as Cortana assistant, Xbox streaming, traditional start menu, Task View multitasking interface, and snap points for managing running applications. That require users to use new keyboard shortcuts, but they are modifications of existing functionality so you should feel comfortable with. If you are get ready to have a free upgrade from Windows 8/7 or make a clean installation directly, have a look at a full list below to save valuable time. Continue reading

Keyboard Volume and Mute buttons not Working in Windows 8.1/8

If you have upgraded Surface tablet or computer to Windows 8.1, the volume (up and down) and mute (F11) buttons from the physics keyboard might stop working. But everything was fine before the upgrade process. So it becomes verydifficulty to decrease or increase the sound directly. Rebooting the system doesn’t take anty effects and there is not any hardware changes. Any way to resolve the problem? Continue reading