Enable Fn/Alt/Esc keys in touch keyboard with visible Taskbar in Windows 10

Windows 10′s virtual touch keyboard app includes a limited set of keys by default, and lacks of Function keys, Alt, Tab and Esc keys. If your tablet or laptop with touch screen input, you might find the taskbar also disappearing for that. The Fall Creators Update, known by “Redstone 3″, gets new features to resolve the problem, such as WordFlow to swipe through letters, Dictation, Text input by pen and more. Continue reading

Enable standard layout with function keys In onscreen Keyboard on Windows 10

When you bring up the on-screen keyboard to type something in Windows 10, there is No Alt, Tab and escape keys by default and it only offers the limited functions. For example, I always need to press the F12 to enable the developer mode in Chrome while browsering webpage on my Surface Por 4 tablet, so I realy want to do that quickly if type cover is not connected. To resolve the problem, the built-in Settings app has the advanced options for a touch screen device. Continue reading

Windows 10 crash stuck on choose keyboard layout screen

I upgraded my computer to Windows 10 Pro from Win8 and everything worked fine. Today the screen froze so I did a force restart. The Windows booted as normal but run into an attempting_execut_on_nonexecute_memory error, and started an Preparing automatic repair process. Then it flashed to a blue screen with “choose your keyboard layout screen” option and stuck there. However, it doesn’t detecte any input devices such as my USB mouse and keyboard and I can’t get past it, even use a wireless keyboard. How can I resolve it? Continue reading

No escape key in the screen keyboard in Windows 8

My Windows 8 tablet works fine except for keyboard. Everytime I type email or use other apps on my Surface Pro, the on-screen keyboard does not include an Escape Key for me to exit full screen mode. Switching to alternate keyboards but none of them comes with this key. How to get a single complete keyboard with all keys? Continue reading