Use local account to Install Windows 10 Creators Update

By default users need to use their Microsoft Account to upgrade or install Windows 10 Creators Update, so it requires your information such as, Hotmail, MSN, or Live ID email address and password. Microsoft Account can sync various internet-based credentials, such as installed apps, Start screen, appearance configurations, and Edge/IE favorites. If you don’t need those cloud features or just test the new OS, the best way is to use a local account for that. Continue reading

How to Mount/Unmount ISO file in Windows 8.1

When the software downloads are largely in .ISO format, you have to burn the file to a DVD. One of the nice features in Windows 8.1 is the ability to “mount” .ISO files directly. Windows 8.1 OS allows you to mount any ISO files stored on your tablet or computer as Disk Drives, so you can run the software installation from the location and access them like a real disk-drive. Continue reading